Sell How You Buy

teal credit card digits close-upLots of my clients get their knickers in a knot about selling, so what I encourage them to do is look at how they buy. And when we do that we realise that most of us love to buy things and have lots of experience of buying, even if we have little experience of selling.

So, how do you buy? How do you make a purchasing decision? Are you one of those who spends hours on the net, researching the cheapest model or the best value for money and doing price comparison tests? Do you then go to the shop so you have somewhere to take it back? Do you want a taste before you buy? Or a guarantee?

What makes you feel happy to press the Buy button, or open your wallet or purse? What do you feel when you do that? How pleasurable is buying?

When you buy the things you desire, shopping can be joyous and buying can even be thrilling.

Examine your process as a buyer, and – in order to be authentic with your own future customers – think how many of the steps you need to see in place before you spend that you can make available to your clients as purchasers, and make a process out of that.

I make up my mind fairly quickly. I know what I like. Sometimes I want to talk to someone first, but rarely. I am 100% happy to buy online and I never have cause to visit a shop. I’m not much of a one for fussing about guarantees and paperwork but equally happy to request a refund if I think I’ve been ripped off, which is very rare. Consequently while most people book in a discovery call, to see if we are a good fit, often people turn up at my website, read around a bit and press the Buy Now button without ever having spoken to me. This is how I buy too, so it never surprises me.

So that’s how I sell. Entirely online. I make myself available for a chat for those that want it, I am completely abundant about if or when a client decides to spend money to work with me and I refund them as soon as possible if either or both of us not enjoying it or deriving value from it. I keep my intake process simple and paperwork light. I call it Easy In/Easy Out.

The important thing for you and your business is to sell as you buy. Think of shops you like and do it like they do. What do you admire? Customer service? Speed? Ease? Quality of workmanship? Lovely people to do business with? Choice? Helpful shop assistants? 24/7 support? Instant delivery.

Do you love to lurk around the shop, sniffing in the luxury, visiting often, umming and aahing and savouring your intended luxury purchase? If you do, and that fits with your brand, how can you facilitate your buyers doing that and luxuriating in the sensuous buying experience?

We love to buy and, once you recognise this in yourself, you can learn to love to sell even though I don’t think you ever need to sell unless you choose to. All you have to do is create desire and wait for people to ask how they may get some of that.

Apple do that admirably, don’t they? They show us how desirable their products are and they anticipate us buyin – in great stampeding hordes. Why wouldn’t that work for you?

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