Selling and Biscuits

cookies-1387797_640My clients think they don’t like selling. There are a few exceptions. But what surprises them all is how often you don’t have to do what you think of as orthodox selling, i.e. how often you don’t have to persuade people to buy your stuff. People just want it anyway. They’re funny like that!

Excitement and Enthusiasm

My first thought is about excitement. One client told me that she’d noticed that people so often didn’t look at the lovely printed materials, synopses and presentations she creates for those opportunities where she showcases her work. Instead they look at her, and are infected with her enthusiasm. They buy that. They trust her to be the best advocate for her clients’ work and take it on faith. If Linda likes it that much, it must be good. They want it. She’s created desire by her demeanour and her love for her work and respect for her clients.

So be an enthusiast for your own stuff. And if you are an agent selling the work of others, which could possibly be regarded as easier than selling your own though it is still selling to be fair, then be excited. Be genuine about it. Don’t offer anything you can’t be that excited or enthusiastic about. Talk to people about it in that way and let them just soak up your energy. You don’t have to sell to them, they buy from you.

Create Desire

Sometimes a client comes along who needs you so badly, they beg you to take them on. You don’t have to sell to them either but do try not to get in the way. You just tell ’em what you need them to do, how your process works, and how much you charge. You send them a checklist of things you need to get started plus an invoice with your bank details on it, and off you both go immediately, that’s how keen your client is. And how ideal.

Sometimes clients have made up their minds in advance. They’ve scoped you out and they already know, like and trust you. They know they want to work with you before they show up in your reality. You just let those ones buy too, no selling required.

It’s a funny old world and, I think, a fine distinction between selling to people which can so often feel like foisting yourself onto others, or allowing them to buy. If you create desire for your products and services, you can simply allow people to ask how they may pay you and ask how soon you can start. It really can be that easy. Just imagine and keep on visualising that. Try it on for size. If it works once, it can work forever. And it works, trust me.

Offer Me a Biscuit 

Think of selling like a lovely plate of homemade biscuits which you have made especially for visitors like me. Offer everyone a biscuit. Offer me one too please. You are not offended if we say no. You are delighted if we say yes. But it’s no skin off your nose either way. It’s a b****y biscuit, for goodness’ sake!

It’s all in the offer. Don’t shy away from offering. But don’t make me eat one either if I’m not ready. No foisting required. We all love biscuits and whilst we might not eat one now, we might ask if we can take one for later. And we’ll look forward to it, because yours looks absolutely delicious.


Your Biz Your Way

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