Selling from Scarcity or Abundance

3tsI spend quite a lot of time with clients helping them to find ways to sell their products and services, ways which are aligned with their values, aren’t icky and don’t make them feel like a used car salesman. It’s a strange hangover, that one. I’m not sure I’ve ever met yer archetypal used car salesman, have you? And yet we all have the concept in our minds of someone who will say anything and promise everything to make a sale. We don’t want to come over like them, no siree.

There are lots of ways to sell, there’ll be at least one which is right for you, I’m sure of it. Having a quick rummage through my grey matter today I’ve come up with The Three Ts of Selling:

Threaten Them

This is a scarcity tactic and unfortunately we all know it works. This is where you encourage your potential clients and customers to believe that time is short, it’s always running out, there’s a deadline, there’s a limited number, there’s never enough, they’re not enough without this and they’ve got to buy now or they’ll miss out. I’ve bought like this, you’ve bought like this. It works. But do you want to sell like this? To sell like this is to sell from scarcity and I’m not saying don’t, because it works. [Did I say that already?] It’s not the only way and you do have a choice. This is the one which is most like the used car salesman, it’s the one which my clients (and me) most don’t want to be like.

Tantalise Them

I like this one a lot better. It’s abundant. This is where I tempt and tantalise my prospects into seeing the loveliness of the thing I am offering. I shine a light on all its facets, and all of them glitter exquisitely. There’s lots of availability and is reassuringly expensive, it’s not going away anytime soon – perhaps ever – because it’s classic, timeless, and I’d be chuffed to bits for them to rock up and buy it any time it suits them. This works deliciously when you do it right. This is where we buy on value rather than price (not everyone wants cheap). It’s where we buy on design, because of the ethics and values of the people behind the offer, for the quality of the item and because we love to spend money. This is a luxury last-a-lifetime designer handbag, a temptingly delicious chocolate bar, a beautiful sleek fountain pen. It’s a gift you want to buy for yourself and luxuriate in. It’s a touchy-feely purchase and it makes you feel good about yourself and about your choices. It’s all round lovely, this one is.

Tell Them the Truth

I like this one too. It’s the truth, no tactics involved. You just lay it out straight. You might (or might not) have a limited number of them for all sorts of reasons, tell them the truth behind those reasons. They might (or might not) have to buy them by a certain date or there’ll be no more, tell them the why. Tell them the truth. That’s also abundant and the truth is incredibly attractive. Show us your thing, no need to guild it because it’s already fit for purpose, it’s affordable, it’s available, the timing’s right, we love your truth and authenticity and we want in.

Are you selling from scarcity or abundance? Never too late to cross over into the light, Lovelies.

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