Still Iffy About Selling? Watch Hot Tub Britain!

Hot Tub BritainIf you are still iffy about selling, you have about three weeks left to watch Hot Tub Britain on ITV (see link below). I got so many useful and business relevant thoughts as I was watching this, particularly about how to make an easy sale.

Britain has apparently gone mad for hot tubs and the programme shows the UK’s only hot tub superstore, a family-owned business based in Blackpool, turnover £10,000,000.

People drive from all over the country to the superstore to buy a hot tub. They love shopping. They have a budget in mind. They pretty much always all blow their budget. Often what encourages that is a simple piece of music – Fleetwood Mac!

Watching the sales team was fascinating. They know that their customer is already pretty motivated, they don’t have to do a hard sell, they just have to help them buy, let them buy, leave them room to sit in the empty tub and fantasise about enjoying it at home in their garden, play them a piece of music which encourages them to spend about £2k more than they had in mind and just generally fuel the Brit enthusiasm for hot tubs by making it easy and pleasurable to buy and quick and efficient (generally) to install.

Of course, if you like TV’s favourite game – jeopardy – there’s plenty of that too, mostly of the “will it fit in or not” drama (not) or “will we have to hire a crane?” variety which I can take or leave, frankly. And a bit of tension in the family about how hard they work and who’s the weakest link and how much managing some of the more creative installation team members will endure from their manager before they storm off set off the job.  I am sure this is all heightened by the TV cameras but don’t let it distract you from the point.

Don’t let it stop you seeing how much people have already made up their mind to buy, how they love buying, how you don’t actually need to do all that much selling, and how easy it is to encourage them to spend more than they intended.

How could that be easy in your own business? And fun. And fabulous.

Watch Hot Tub Britain on ITV here until 8th October 2014.

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