SEO Search Strategist Charlotte Davies: Podcast Ep188

Search Strategist Charlotte Davies is our guest today. Charlotte is a client in Small Business Big Magic but these days she is an accomplished businesswoman in her own right and I need her far more than she needs me, as she proves when she guests on Own It! to share her knowledge about SEO for small businesses.

Nicola and I pick her brains about best practice and we get some new ideas on behalf of the listeners about online ducks in a row which are desirable for our business websites. Charlotte talks about her work with big and small businesses and we compare and contrast their SEO strategies.

Check out our interview with Charlotte and I bet you’ll discover something you didn’t know and which is fairly easy to implement on your own website today.

LISTEN HERE TO EPISODE #188 of OWN IT! the Podcast: SEO Strategies for Small Business

In other news, it is raining in Stoupa and Phew What A Scorcher in the UK with added full moon about which I wax lyrical, as per. Nicola remembers that the same week last year was raining just in time before she recommended to her children that they did not visit. Nothing worse than rain keeping you indoors on a sunny holiday. One of Nicola’s local friends has lent her a car for two months which is a boon.

Nicola is excited about IGTV and I report in on lots of small achievements adding up to a week worth having.

Our words of the week are Wet (hers) and Chill (mine). Summertime and the livin’ is easy.

Project Updates focuses this week on our 84,000 downloads which stat fuels our fire not a little.

Nicola is impressed by Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll who learned to read and then trade stocks while in prison in the US, and I am inspired by my past and present clients and Facebook friends who send me little messages via PM updating me on their news and sharing thoughts they think I will like. Since this is something I have always done because my clients are always on my mind, it is lovely to have this reciprocated.

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