Sexiest Smartest Sixty Second Secret to Stupendous Small Business Stardom

Firstly let me apologise for that cheesy subject line, but I just had to make sure you see this vital message.

As you may know, I have been writing my regular newsletter – In The Pink! – for Entrepreneurs and small business people since 2004 because I really want to help you become Successfully Self-employed or an Effortless Business Owner – or both.

I have loved and valued you as an email reader and correspondent over the last six years which is why I am writing to you today so that we can stay in touch.   And, if we are to stay in touch, you must take action now – and, as ever, there are incentives and prizes for action-takers.   Hooray!

I’m on the move and want to take you with me but you must do one simple thing now, today, if you want to stay in the loop.   Join my Inner Circle club for free now.

  • Do you work for yourself?
  • Would you like to be better at it?
  • Good! Then I have something very special in store for you…

Do please allow me tell you all about it and what’s in it for you.

I’m running a free prize draw for everyone who joins my Inner Circle by the deadline of 17th March 2010.   Enter now by joining Judith’s Inner Circle in a simple sixty-second sign-up process.

You are cordially invited  to drop in and enjoy some or all of the membership resources including audio recordings, teleclasses, live chat, dial-in business surgeries, wealth profiles, marketing plans, accountability, focus, consultations, experts.   It’s a long list but I promise I will make it easy for you to select the free and paid-for benefits which are right for you and your business right now.

When you join my Inner Circle, not only will you continue to receive a regular newsletter, but you will be entitled to all sorts of valuable support and advice, all designed with you in mind, to help you Create a Business to Love, including a free copy of my ebook of the same name worth £19.95.

JOIN NOW  it’s entirely new (and free) for Entrepreneurs and you get immediate access to join Live Chat sessions and have me, as your wealth coach and business mentor, effectively on tap.   Whenever I am online and free – you will see that by logging into the site.  

So you could ask me a quick question, blag a bit of free advice, or set up a Skype call – instantly!

And you can meet other small business people online by putting up your own profile and mingling.

Benefits at the two paid levels are even more exciting but you don’t need to go there yet unless you are ready to get up close and personal with the business surgeries, consultations, wealth profiles, marketing plans, radio interviews and more.

But please – you must act now, today, if you want to be in with a chance of a prize and a copy of  Creating A Business To Love because its only available to Inner Circle members until 17th March, the date of the prize draw.

On that date an independent adjudicator will draw the winning tickets and we will notify all Inner Circle members the list of the Lucky Winners whose  prizes will include coaching, mentoring, membership upgrades, wealth profiles, cashflow games, lunches, wealth consultations and more, all totalling over £12,000 in prize fund value.

I do hope you are feeling lucky and that your name is one pulled from the virtual hat on 17th March!

Remember, Gentle Reader – you can see the full list of prizes here:

And – you’ve got to be in it to win it – the Inner Circle I mean – and by joining you will become a winner, not just on 17th March, but by being in on early invitations for all the hot new stuff I am bringing on for members from discounted workshops and events, networking evenings with supper and speakers, overseas business retreats, powerful yet affordable coaching programmes from less than £200 pcm to bespoke mentoring to suit you, you, you.

I must cap my membership at 1,000 and I sincerely hope you will take this chance to be one of them?

Join Now and I will see you inside!   As soon as you arrive, say “Hi” on the Live Chat facility to let me know you are in the gang!

Oh, and would you do one last thing for me please, Gentle Reader?   Would you pay this forward and tell 1,000 of your closest small business chums and colleagues about the prize draw? Thanks for your abundance, see you in the Inner Circle!

Your Biz Your Way

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