Shake Things Up for 2015

Your Inner Pilot Light“If you can’t hear my whispers, you haven’t found your calling, and you’re not noticing the Signs from the Universe that guide your path, give yourself a gift and take a break from your regular life. When you’re caught up in the same everyday routines, stuck in a rut, and running on empty, it’s easy to be comfortably numb so you can’t hear me even when I yell.

But when you change your environment, take yourself out of your comfort zone, and shake things up, there’s room for serendipity, my voice may grow louder, and the way may become more clear.

  • How ‘bout renting a home in that place you love all by yourself?
  • What about a healing retreat in a gorgeous place or a meditation workshop or an art class far from home?
  • What about a writing retreat or a week of camping or a month of renting a villa in Tuscany while learning to cook?

Get crazy. Dream big. Take risks. Do something wild. You might be surprised how it changes your life.”

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