Sharing the Entrepreneurial Love on Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Pay It Forward2014 marks the fortieth year of my business career. Gulp. That means I have been out in the world of work, earning my own living, since 1974. And for 37 of those years I have been self-employed. I wouldn’t have it any other way, I love being self-employed and I am aware that I have long since passed my sell-by date when it comes to getting a job. Can you IMAGINE the CV? Ducking and diving, dodging and weaving, rebelling and creating for forty years. Hmm, Ms Left-Field Candidate, what makes you think you’d be suitable for this J.O.B?

I love being an entrepreneur, owning and running my own small business from home. It suits me down to the ground. And my mission is to help as many people stand on their own two feet by doing that as profitably as possible. In fact one day my goal is to give that information and support away to any and all that need it. I have already begun the process of shifting my business branding over to the Small Business Oracle so that I (and others) can help anyone who wants to set up their own business which supports their own financial needs, by giving them a leg up at the start, or in any short-term crisis. I believe that’s the way to create a robust community of entrepreneurs who can withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

For now I am content to charge fees which are as affordable as possible, starting from as low as £50 or £100 pcm. You’d think that would be within the reach of most if not all self-employed people, wouldn’t you? I thought so. But I was wrong.

I offer a free induction call to anyone who visits my website and most weeks I talk to a handful of new people. At some point the majority of those make the decision to invest in themselves and they become clients. There are others who do not make that decision and that’s fine too. Maybe I’m not the right coach for them or maybe the time isn’t right.

But there’s a third group. They are on their uppers. And I do the best I can to help them. I give them my time for free and I connect them with other generous souls who might be persuaded to do the same for a good cause, not a hopeless cause, a deserving one. And I am continually brainstorming ways to help these people.

Usually the reasons they are in this low place revolve around health challenges, relationship difficulties, bereavement and so on, from which they are in recovery and taking the first steps back to reclaiming their lives. And often they are doing everything in their power to help themselves, such as a couple of shifts a week stacking shelves in a supermarket. They have energy, they are hard workers and they are only a couple of months away from a breakthrough. They have exciting workable projects and I can see the money in them.

Meanwhile they need our help and support.  Right now, today, they could use a leg up.

And so my question to you is this. Would you be willing to be their financial backer so that I may be provider of that help and support? Do you love your business enough to share that love and encourage another human being to become the best they can by creating a robust little business of their own? Would you love the chance to pay forward your own good fortune by making a donation so that I can extend the help I can provide others just like us?

Launching today – on Valentine’s Day 2014 – I am inviting donations from happy and successful entrepreneurs and small business owners who would like to celebrate their abundance and give another a helping hand. Of course, you will need to leave it to me to decide who is worthy* and who is not but I think you know me well enough to trust me with that.

And you will need to decide if you would like something in return. Will a warm glow suffice? Or would you like your name listing as one of the Sponsors on the Share The Love page?  Or would you like credit in my brain bank so that you too can make a withdrawal whenever you want, a sort of give one/get one arrangement? That’s entirely up to you.

Or your gift might be one of those which goes on giving because, if you decide to make a regular monthly donation, I can get the recipient into a place where they can pay their own fees within a couple of months and then your contribution to the fund can keep on working as I can move it over to the next in line.

It costs just £50 a month for me to support a newbie and turn them into a self-sufficient solopreneur. How can you help?

  • £50 means I can support one start-up business owner for a month
  • £600 means I can support them for a year, or four newbies for three months each
  • Or anything above, below or in between i.e. you can just contribute generally to the project if your feel my initiative is something you would love to support

I would be happy to receive any contribution whatsoever to the Happy Fund, however big or small. And for us to speak about how you would like me to use it. I will match your donation with one of my own, so yours does double duty and goes twice the distance.

Please make your donation below and use the contact box on PayPal to tell me what you’d love to receive in return:

  1. I am happy to make a general and anonymous donation, or
  2. I would like to be listed on your website as one of your sponsors of this project (please provide link)
  3. I would like to pick your brains whenever I like in return for supporting your project, Judith
  4. I’d like to sign up for a regular monthly donation of £x. Pls advise the best way to do that.

*What I suggest you DON’T do, is make a contribution and then ask me to coach a specific person – one of your children, or your husband/spouse/partner or a friend or family member who you think needs it. They must want it for themselves. But do feel free to point them at my website and ask them to claim their free introductory call. Tell them you know I run a discretionary Happy Fund and if I think appropriate, I may gift them a month or more’s coaching from that fund just until they get on their feet. They have to want it for themselves, you cannot herd them into it because you believe they need it. We both know that doesn’t work!

Ready to pay your success, hard work, good luck and profits forward? Make a donation and get in touch. Let’s do some good work in the world of entrepreneurs. All backers will receive a regular report about who I am able to help and what results they are achieving. Names may be changed to protect the innocent and we may even do it stealthily.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Bless you Cilla. Your good wishes are appreciated. Love to you on Cupid’s day. x

  2. Cilla says:

    Dear Judith,
    This is such a beautiful and wonderful initiative! You are truly wonderful! I’m a great believer in the power of many. I’m personally not in a position to donate YET, but as soon as things turn around for me hopefully in the next couple of months, I’m in.
    Happy Valentine’s day!

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