Show Me The Money!

“Show Me The Money!” – a quote from that wonderful film, Jerry Maguire, which everyone seems to remember.

What is “the money” for you – the result?   If you are in business for yourself, this is why.   It’s to have the financial outcome which will support the life you want for yourself and your loved ones.

I often suggest to clients that they might take a step back and work out what they want from life and ask how themselves how their businesses can support them in that.   Have you done that?

Today I have the luxury of an afternoon off.   I went on a workshop where the very lovely Rachel Turner asked us what three things we would do if this was our last day on earth.   What three things would you do?   Mine would be swimming, reading and writing.   I have done my swimming, I’m writing now and I have plenty of time for reading still left.   I have been successful today.   My business allows this.  Does yours?

It could be even better.   I had a timely reminder from the Universe this week that I am behind schedule on my plans for entirely virtual working.   I do this a lot but still not enough that I can be anywhere in the world and my clients not know it.   I’ve still got a way to go there and I love that as a challenge pulls us forward, keeps us in momentum.

But when the chance came today to take the afternoon off, I took it.   My first inclination as always was to “get ahead” which means steal a march on the jobs which need doing tomorrow and later in the week, so that I have something in hand, a reserve.   But all that does is postpone living in the moment, living today, living now – and doing the things I love like going to the movies and having fun with a pal.

Money is at the root of all this.   Understanding your money, knowing how much profit you make, how it flows through your business and what possibilities will be presented by getting your wealth and abundance right for the way you live your life.

Does your business support your life?   What difference would it make if you could get a handle on the finances in your business?   Where is your attention if not on the money?

Your Biz Your Way

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