Show Up Fully, Share Freely and Trust

EasterEach week I share the best learnings and pearls of wisdom I have collected from my clients, specifically from their Monday morning check-ins for Club 100. Here’s this week’s. Happy Easter. I hope you get a few moment to enjoy these:

To Do lists don’t work for everyone. Those people trust to wait until they feel inspired/in flow. I’m about 50/50 on this. I have a To Do List and I mostly follow it. When I get stuck, I re-schedule items or wait until I feel the muse. And that works too.

The way you like to work also works perfectly for your ideal client. Think about it.

Show up fully. Share freely. And trust. Thanks to Julia for this one, my fave of the week I think.

Sometimes putting effort in, in surprising places, brings satisfying results which feel extra special. This is something I notice too in my virtual book club. When you finish a 700 page book which wasn’t your choice and which was challenging, this holds its own special reward, a bit like you feel at the end of anything where you push yourself.

We need room to breathe and to create and to do our own best/most important work. You can make that room or allow it in.

The magic happens when you are away from the laptop because it is delivered via other people (God’s angels on earth. I am often one of those angels to other people I notice). If you want magic, step away from the machine and put yourself in the way of those people either by appointment or accident.

We gloss over our successes so easily because we take for granted what we are good at. We switch back too fast to “what still needs fixing”. Sometimes (always?) it would behove us to celebrate successes a bit more and to sit with them. What do they have to teach us about ourselves?

Expect miracles.

Is your year too big, too free, and too wide open? Do you need to insert some ’anchors’ to give it shape? Think terms, even if you don’t have kids, and holidays. Thanks to Jennifer and Lynsey for this one.

This week I received a new Nickname, capitalised for good reason as they come from Nick. It’s She Who Will Not Accept My Excuses. Quite right, she won’t.

Nick’s other tip was to write a bio page for your website even if you are not going to use one. Highlight the significant/important milestones in your career and life to date. “This list doesn’t lie.”

There is money out there. Amen to Alison for that one. I agree.

Sometimes it is better to allow than force. I might even go so far as to say it’s always better to allow than force.

“Keep the faith” is becoming a mantra in both my coaching/mentoring groups. Thanks to Jaimie we now have the Bon Jovi theme tune to go with our mantra.

Self-employed parent? Enjoy the Easter holidays and come back refreshed. Remember why you chose to have children in the first place. Be with them. Enjoy them. Work can wait (or come second) for a couple of weeks.

Things change. We cannot and must not cling to the old. Just because it’s always been that way doesn’t mean it always will. Flexibility is to be cultivated so that you can pivot on a pinhead and adapt fast, or die like a dinosaur.

Be proud of your work, your life and achievements. Do stuff you love.

Feeling a need to be grounded? What works for you? I recommend a walk in nature and visualising your roots going down through your body and through your feet into the earth below, as deep as you sense you need them to be.

“Accept yourself exactly as you are. No exceptions. This includes all mistakes, failures and things we don’t like about ourselves. We are not in control. We can relax, accept, sit back and enjoy the ride.” Thanks to Sally for this one.

Ask. Trust. And you will receive. Thanks to Heena for sharing this.

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