Slowing Down: Time To Be Peaceful

After nearly two months in limbo, I decided this week to take control of my life back and stop waiting.   This has brought forth a tempestuous week, both for me and others around me.   A week to remember though often we might want to forget it, in parts.   At least for a while.

And in the midst of all that sturm und drang I was lent a movie called Peaceful Warrior based on the best-selling book Way Of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.

It’s a reminder of that concept which I find annoying in variants from quite annoying to very annoying, the more truthful it obviously pertains in any given week.   And yet that truth is SO valuable, so comforting.   It’s about being peaceful in the moment – especially in a difficult one – and there’s that zen which I said I wanted to explore in my gap year.

And another reminder to me that it’s the journey that counts. There, that’s annoying too, isnt it? But true, true, true. God dammit!   And yet a third reminder that I don’t control anything which, frankly, is nothing short of bizarre (not).

I put a couple of quotes from the film on my Twitter stream if you can’t find the time to watch it but here’s the most powerful, contained in the last 14 words of the film…

  • Where are you?   Here.
  • What time is it?   Now.
  • What are you?   This moment.

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