Small Business Big Magic Competition: The Lucky Winners

1st 2nd and 3rd PrizeI spent a lovely afternoon yesterday perusing the entries for my Small Business Big Magic Competition in which I am giving away some lovely prizes of business mentoring. First prize is a year’s membership worth £600, second prize is six months worth £300 and there were eight third prizes of one month’s membership worth £50.

Over four hundred people perused the page and the joining instructions but only twenty four submitted an entry by the 12 noon deadline. I felt inspired to do with two people something I never do (and was about to write a blog telling coaches NOT to do it) and that is offer a swap. Two of the entrants had skills I want right now and I can help them so we are chatting to see if there’s a way we can make that work for all concerned.

And I also decided to give an extra prize of three months’ membership to one very worthy entrant who has a dilemma and life challenges right now which are very close to my heart. A few others might be sneaking in sideways, but here are the official Lucky Winners:

First prize: Hazel McNab of

Second prize: Margaret Rode of

Third prizes go to: Cath Brown, Maria Albertsen, Vania Phitidis, Linda Fox, Jayne Jennings, Kate Beavis, Jaimie MacDonald, Maria Flynn, Charlotte Davies (the Cambridge one, there were two), and Liz Truckle.  I know, I said 8 and that’s ten. What can I tell ya, they all pitched very nicely indeed and deserved a prize.

Margaret is in the USA, Jayne in Australia, Liz in Austria and Maria in Ireland so we are a thoroughly international lot. Now all I have to do is work out how to schedule the group calls so that the whole world can join in. Go me.

Ladies? Lucky Winners? Well done to you all, joining instructions on email by Sunday latest and I look forward to working with you in February and, hopefully, for some or all of you, beyond.

Gentle Reader…didn’t win and would like to join them? Here’s everything you need to know. Come on down and join in, especially now you know who your fellow team-mates are. What a gorgeous bunch.

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  1. Hazel McNab says:

    YEYEYEY Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to getting started and thank you Sarah for putting me in front of Judith. Time for 366Hearts to start playing Big Time xx

  2. Judith Morgan says:


  3. Sarah says:

    Woohoo, great big huge congratulations to all the winners, and especially to the very talented Hazel! The deal maker in me is smiling like a mad thing for having been the one to put you two in touch *big grin*

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