Small Business Big Magic

AB2L-212x300Working for yourself is empowering and exciting, but it can feel overwhelming and scary too.

  • Who can you turn to for help?
  • What move should you make – and when?
  • Where are all your customers and clients?
  • Why’s it taking so long? What are you doing wrong?
  • Why on earth are you doing this again!?

You know 1-2-1 coaching would help you get to grips with your business, but right now you don’t have the funds to pay for it. So instead you’ll just have to keep on muddling on alone, making false starts and taking wrong turns on the bewildering road of self-employment.

It doesn’t have to be that way

I created Small Business Big Magic for people just like you. Strong-minded Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs (practising or aspiring) who are crying out for a support team in their corner. Inspiration. Information. Clarity. Community. Wisdom. Woo Woo. Support. Success. I offer you all this, and more, within a mentoring group of fellow work-at-home business owners carving out their own path in life. Because all coaching is delivered in a group, you get direct access to me at a uniquely affordable fee.  

What’s in the Box?

Small Business Big Magic membership includes:

1) An initial 1-2-1 personal induction on Skype.  I get to know you and your business, and draw out your plans and your dreams so we can make the most of our time together in the group work. 

2) Access to 10 x live 90-minute conference calls each month where you can join the conversation and talk about your business, pick my brains and learn from listening to me working with other small business owners just like you.  I host two or three of these calls each week and you can join in whenever you like.

3) A private Facebook group where you can meet and connect with your contemporaries, sharing news and successes and ideas.

Small Business, Big Benefits!

Sociable I’m no hands-off aloof ‘don’t bother me with your business’ coach – I LOVE working closely with my clients.  I care about you and I’m genuinely invested in your success – getting to know you and seeing you thrive is a source of great joy for me. I’m generous with my time and with my wisdom.  You can pick my brains as often as you like during drop-in calls and in the Facebook Group. You can also PM me on Facebook or email me any time for a quick bit of additional help or advice. Sometimes I’ll even suggest an emergency 1-2-1 on Skype.

And it’s not just you and me. You also get support from the others in the group: some will cheerlead for you, some will be in the position to help you, some may even buy from you and some will become dear friends.

Transformational I call it ‘Small Business Big Magic’ for a reason. This group does magical things for its members: together, your commitment and passion and ACTION creates miracles. Here are a few of the many successes we see every month in SBBM:

  • Clients escaping an endless cycle of analysis paralysis and finally starting to take action.
  • Clients learning how to charge properly for their expertise.
  • Clients embarking on a creative adventures and finding ways to make that pay
  • Clients manifesting new types of income when old sources of work disappear suddenly without warning,
  • Clients mastering financial abundance and learning to let go of fear of lack and trust in unlimited flow
  • Clients attracting their first clients and realising their dreams can become a reality.

Open your heart, do the work and you’ll see big changes. This could be you!

Affordable SBBM offers incredible value for money: I designed it to be both powerful and cost-effective, knowing full well not everyone can pay top dollar when you’re just starting out. Membership is priced at just £750 a year.

Linda Cassells“I’ve been an active member of the Small Business Big Magic group for only a matter of weeks, and already I am enjoying the benefits of being able to talk regularly to Judith about my business. I sometimes don’t quite know what we’ll cover when I tune in, and then the conversation just rolls. Things at the back of my mind pop to the front, and we wind up with Judith’s brilliant summaries, firm assurances and gentle nudges, like little gems I carry around with me till the next time we talk. And one of these ‘nudges’ has just resulted in me being invited as part of a publishers’ delegation to the 2016 Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico. Feeling thankful and unstoppable. It’s an amazing combination.” Linda Cassells,


Ask Me Anything…

How do you know Small Business Big Magic is right for you?

If you’re drawn to working with me, it’s probably for good reason. Your intuition is stronger than you think. All kinds of people have joined the group – web designers and developers, yoga teachers, inventors, coaches, artists, adventurers, sailors, therapists, health experts, interior designers, musicians, party planners and more – all deriving great benefit from SBBM membership.  You get out what you put in.  

Are you allowed to join if you’re not self-employed yet (but you really want to be!)?

Absolutely! In fact, the majority of SBBM members are currently in the process of setting up their first business, some part-time alongside a day job or other freelance work, so you’ll be in great company.

How do the calls work?

The group coaching calls are delivered using WebEx VOIP and they are drop-in calls for members only. You’ll soon get to know your fellow business owners and entrepreneurs so need have no concerns about them listening to you talk and sometimes you might even be there on your own, with just me. You can join in live with as many or as few as you like. Calls are recorded so you can listen again but I encourage all members to aim to join in live at least once a fortnight. I can turn off the recording for confidential matters and calls currently run on a two-weekly schedule (all in London, UK time) as follows:

  • Week A: Monday 1700-1830, Wednesday 0800-0930 and Friday 1600-1730
  • Week B: Tuesday at 1100-1230 and Thursday at 1900-2030

You can check when the next calls are due to take place on my website, and members receive email invitations and reminders to calls. There’s something for all time zones there.  As membership grows, more call time is added to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

Not sure about group coaching? Do you really want strangers knowing your business?

The group setting of Small Business Big Magic is part of what makes it magical. Stop frowning and trying to figure out everything for yourself. By sharing ideas, successes and failures, you’re given the opportunity to grow. And once you start engaging with the rest of the group these ‘strangers’ will soon become friends.  There’s incredible rapport in SBBM and we’re ready to welcome you to the party. You will learn by listening to the challenges others face, even if they are not your own. Your business acumen will grow, as will your confidence.

michi“I have a file saved which I’ve called What Judith Said. And that document contains her reply to a question I once sent about blogs and newsletters, wondering how I could produce anything of any interest to people. Here’s the first line of what she wrote back to me:  

“I am beside myself with excitement with possibilities for you.” 

How wonderful was that! Not only could she see loads of things that hadn’t occured to me, but in that one brief line I got how she genuinely cares so much about her clients’ success. 

Full of good advice, yes, but what Judith really excels at is somehow, magically, getting us to realise for ourselves what we actually want to do and can do. And we all get the joy of hearing fellow SBBMers becoming inspired and excited as revelations happen during our group calls.” Michi Mathias,



Vania“I absolutely LOVE being in SBBM. There’s something about being in a group that is different from 1:1 coaching – and this group has the best of both worlds! Judith is a knowledgeable, kind, gentle, inclusive, generous and powerful leader. She can cut through the crap that is holding me back in no seconds flat, and help me discern my next baby steps. The group is just wonderful – incredibly supportive, fun – in fact hilarious at times – and knowledgeable too – they’ve either been where I am now, or going through something similar – there’s always encouragement and feedback when asked for”. Vania Phitidis, Peaceful


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Join Today 

If you want to experience the transformational power of Small Business Big Magic, simply click on the PayPal button below. As soon as I receive notification of your payment, I will email you with joining instructions and how to set up your induction call. This is not an automated process; you will receive a personal email from me. If you prefer to pay via online banking (which I also love) then just use the contact form to ask me for details.

Small Business Big Magic membership dues rise regularly but once you’re a member, that rate is yours for life unless you choose to leave and later re-join, in which case you’ll be able to subscribe at the prevailing rate.

Angela Brightwell“I’m so grateful and appreciative of you and your support as part of this group. You’ve helped me get into a position that I never expected to be in. Your level of focus, commitment and passion is remarkable. You have a natural warmth without being fluffy (SO my kind of woman!) and you are so easy to trust and take advice from. I tend to be a ‘I know best!’ type person with a lot of my friends and co-workers so it always surprises me how naturally I take on-board things you say. I always feel supported with you at the end of the phone/internet and that is a wonderful and important thing!” Angela Brightwell, Funny




kathryn-hockey“In the year I’ve spent as a Small Business Big Magic member I can wholeheartedly say that my levels of confidence (personal and professional), flow, joy and clarity have shot sky high.
The enthusiastic, loving and no nonsense encouragement of Judith in the realms of the nuts and bolts practical and the woo-woo magical have been a delightful revelation.
Combined with the support of the other SBBM group members it’s like having stabilizers on your new life starter bike…you might wobble from time to time but they won’t let you fall. They’ll also cheer you on as you whizz off into the future you imagined.” Kathryn Hockey,


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Book and pay for a year – £750

£750 membership can be reduced to £600 if you’ve taken your Entrepreneur of the Day call in the previous 30 days before joining SBBM. Book yourself in here to do that now. That means we’ll already have done your induction before you start and won’t need to do it again because I shall already know you and your business so we can hit the ground running.