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Do you have an online platform which provides small business expertise to your clients? Would you like to add value to their membership? If so, I’d love to help. I am a Small Business Expert. Let’s talk!


I’ve been self-employed for over 40 years, firstly as an accountant and then as a small business mentor and coach.

I have helped thousands of small businesses with starting, growing, managing, replicating and selling their entrepreneurial ideas, marketing and making money.

I am an expert in small businesses of all different types and in the business of being self-employed.

I really love to advise business owners in expert interviews, Q&A sessions, podcasts, audio and the written word and live with clients who phone or write in or who want to interact online, in the moment. I really like to talk to you and answer your questions, providing speedy answers to end your doubts and empower you to get moving today.

I do that here on my own website and on social media and I am available to do it globally and virtually too on yours:

  • Business career spanning 40 years
  • Accountant to SMEs
  • Small business mentor and coach to solopreneurs, one-man and one-woman bands
  • Writer, blogger, podcaster, internet radio
  • Q&A in writing or live/recorded audio
  • Coach in Residence to the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge June 2014 (30 days straight)
  • Drop-in clinics, advice for entrepreneurs
  • My preference is to be online with the clients – LIVE! – virtually and internationally
  • My USP is the spiritual and personal development perspectives I bring to this work


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