Small Business Owner or Real Human Being?

Young Woman Sitting Looking at Laptop ScreenYou cannot separate the small business owner from the real human being, nor should you try. You are both, and more.

Yesterday I was asked to collect a young man who lives near me and drive him to a lunch to which we were both invited. In the car we were swapping tales of our lives and when it came to my work I was trying to explain to him that although I ostensibly coach small business owners and entrepreneurs about how to make their businesses more successful and profitable, in reality it is just as much about how to cope with real life and the challenges it throws us. And about providing a listening ear and a supportive space and an encouraging creative community.

Challenges such as:

  • Illness and bereavement
  • What your partner thinks about what you do for a living (and your family and friends)
  • Self-esteem; who you are and whether you have something of value to offer the world
  • Relationships, health and wellbeing
  • Money, paperwork, To Do lists, overwhelm
  • Children and juggling your own needs in your business and outside of them when you are a parent (or a single parent); school holidays
  • The ordinary everyday domestic tolerations and energy drains

The list is endless and infinite in variety. I never know what anyone is going to bring to the call and how wonderful is that for me? It’s all part of life’s rich pattern. All the more wonderful then to arrive home last night to a testimonial from a woman I admire and respect which closed with these words:

“So the help you’ve given me along the way is not just business help. Your help has gone deeper than you could know.”

My support for the real human being who owns – or is starting – their own business is not a core deliverable. It just comes free with my service, as it did in the olden days when I was an accountant and this came free with me doing your VAT returns. Its just who I am. Its what people rely on me for.

So here’s what I’m wondering… what real human challenges are you faced with today and how are you still going to show up in your business and get something useful done, if poss? And how might I be able to help you with that?

Do book yourself in for a free exploratory chat, with no strings attached. Pick my brains, get a good listening to and let’s see what magic another perspective can bring. Will you be my Entrepreneur of the Day today?

Your Biz Your Way

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