Making Magic with Small Business Owners

SSmall Business Big Magicorry to keep banging on about this right now, but I am really in love with my own business! It’s the clients you see, the small business owners. They are lovely in every way, laughter, tears, learning, stalled… still lovely. Together we make magic each week.

Today I am going to talk to you about Small Business Big Magic which is my group programme for beginners – solopreneurs, start-ups and the self-employed. I believe it is THE most affordable way for anyone to work with a business coach and mentor because it costs just £50 a month, less if you buy a year in advance.

What does SBBM include? It’s an incredibly simple system. On purpose. KISS. Just three major elements:

1. Newbies start with a one-hour induction call with me on Skype so I can get to know you and your business.

2. There are (currently) ten ninety-minute drop-in calls each month on a schedule which repeats – week A, week B – throughout the year. This allows plenty of capacity for you to drop in whenever you like, as little or as often as you like, and get a top up on that coaching we started during your induction. They are not webinars, i.e. they are not about all being there together for a nice community chat. They offer space for you to get 10-20 minutes, perhaps longer if you are the only caller, each time you want to phone in and pick my brains, or discuss something, or explore.

The calls are recorded and I put a synopsis on the SBBM Facebook Group so that you can work out if we discussed anything which would be of interest to you without having to listen to find that out. And I can turn off the recording if you want to discuss anything personal or anything you wouldn’t want to go further than me and anyone else in the queue on the call live.

3. The lively accompanying Facebook group means you have peer support and a community where you can ask for help and support and test out your ideas.

Currently the number of members is quite small. About twenty, with three newbies already booked to start on 1st January. But if this sounds like just the ticket for you and your business right now and you can stretch to fifty quid a month, there’s room on top for a few more. I can take quite a lot more actually before I need to expand the 900 minutes of live coaching per month, as there’s plenty of time for all.

Other perks of membership include massive discounts on private 1-2-1 calls with me if you ever want to take up one or two of those in special circumstances.

Current members live in the UK, Europe and the USA and calls are scheduled to suit all time zones including further afield. Clients are mostly but not exclusively women. They are arty, coachy, webby, musical, healthy, designer-y. You name it, they do it. They’re gorgeous. Did I say?

This week we have talked of mailing lists, flyers, bums on seats, sales pages, selling, PayPal buttons, the Dalai Lama, Etsy, blogging, getting on with it, synchronicity, the Law of Attraction, making money as an artist, keeping the faith in times of lack, how not to beat ourselves up, how to keep warm at a bus stop (!), getting clients the LoA way, outsourcing jobs you dislike, abundance, clearing the decks, inspiration from Abraham Lincoln and more.

See? You’ll fit right in.

If you’d like to join Small Business Big Magic at £50 a month or £500 if you buy a year in advance, do get in touch using the contact form. Full details about SBBM here.

Come on down and make some magic with us. We are keeping your seat warm for you.

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