Small Business Serious or Fun?

Serious or FunIs running your own small business serious or fun? It’s a fine balance.

You’d have to be away with the fairies to think you could get away without being serious about it, in intent at least, and in the amount of hard and focused work you may or may not choose to put into it.

But if it isn’t fun, then it isn’t going to happen for you. My clients won’t do things they have to force themselves to do, at least not for very long they won’t. It’s unsustainable. So I have to find ways to help them find a way to make their current business fun, or to create a new business which would be fun. It’s OK to have fun at work, however much that might have been drummed out of you in a day job. But all fun and no work makes Judith an under-achiever.

This last few days I have had a terrific amount of fun working on the first few episodes of our new Own It! Podcast, and listening to the recordings has made me realise just how much of both – hard work and fun – business can be and that they are not mutually exclusive. Even hard work can be fun, rewarding is fun.

What does that take for small business to be both serious and fun, I wonder?

For me, taking my business seriously means loving it enough to come at it each Monday morning, however tired in December, with a freshness and excitement about what the week holds, because we never really know. Even when we think we do know, there are always surprises lurking round the bed. Expecting them is fun.

It’s fun to feel that I am growing something and to be able to see – in year-end reviews – what’s working and what’s not. Growing is fun.

It’s fun to be able to spend some quiet time planning how I will keep my business fresh and fun next year and what new directions, if any, I’d like to take my business into. New directions can be fun.

It’s fun to be able to help other solopreneurs all over the globe to build a business they love and which keeps them and their families, and to see them grow into resilient business owners. Connecting is fun.

It’s fun to be able to listen to you talk about your aims and ambitions for your small business and to be part of the team which helps you bring that dream to fruition, to see you manifesting your own success. Proud = fun.

It’s fun to be creative and have new ideas and put them into practice, measure what works and stick with that, discarding the rest. Creativity is the most gorgeous fun.

It’s fun to be able to chalk up achievements, like blogging for 365 days straight in 2014. Patting myself on the back is fun.

It’s fun to discover new things, better ways of doing our work to make our lives lighter and easier and, er… more fun! Ease is fun.

What makes your business fun?


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