Small is Beautiful: Guest Cath Couzens – Podcast Ep 219

Today on the podcast is our guest Cath Couzens of, hotel and travel PR. Cath talks about her recent experiences of downsizing and discovering that Small is Beautiful.

Cath tells us of the beauties of downsizing from the trappings of an office and staff, to working from home, co-working with those she’s met networking, working in the offices of her clients plus how that helps them and her. She’s a PR for hotels and event venues and she describes changes in her business, how PR helps her clients, how that’s measured, and specifically the benefits of local media. You might want to be in Vogue, but is that best for your business?

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Nicola has arrived in Sydney and is staying at her brother’s minimalist bachelor pad where he’s laid on all comforts to greet her arrival including a bottle of chilling rose! She’s flown up to the Gold Coast to speak at an Amazon Entrepreneurs event for Neil Asher with whom she shared an Air B&B. They discovered a mutual passion for writing sci-fi.

I’ve been out to lunch this week with our guest listener Cath. We went to Tom Kerridge’s restaurant at London’s Corinthia Hotel and I just managed to resist fangirling all over GM Thomas Kochs, the star of the BBC’s A Hotel for the Super Rich & Famous. I’ve also enjoyed another day out this week, plus a third PPI win and I’m starting to prepare to move house again in early April.

Nicola’s fire has been fuelled by finishing all 200 episodes of the Storygrid podcast since Christmas (!), starting in on some new material about non-fiction big ideas and book launches and discovering Story by Robert McKee. And mine has been fuelled in opposite directions by the wins we are all enjoying (which make me go wow!) from doing the Abraham-Hicks work for nearly a month now, and uninstalling the three news apps from my iPad (happier, freer but considerably less informed in what turned out to be a crucial Brexit week).

Our Words of the Week are Disorientated (her) and Softness (mine).

In Project Updates, Nicola is thrilled at acquiring 60 new clients at the conference for her Clicks & Leads Academy and I update her on the progress of my BTL sale in Worthing, including an impending visit to the town with my passport to meet stringent KYC requirements.

We are impressed by noise-cancelling headphones, the air travel industry and by a lovely little prog on BBC iPlayer called Travelling Blind.


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