Snow Brings Out The Best In Britons

Working at home these last couple of days, in the snow, I wondered if various delivery men would make it.   The man from the laundry, Amazon C/o Citilink (notoriously unreliable) and Viking.   To be really honest with you, it wouldn’t have mattered if none of them had made it through, nothing was a matter of life or death.

But oddly, they all made it through.   And on my doorstep I cheered them as heroes, including my postman.   As I said on Twitter today, I am the first to slag off a postie when he’s on strike, and he’s a lazy blighter every day of the week except Saturday when he needs to get home to his weekend.   And except in the snow when he becomes a stalwart.   Good job, lads!

And when I think about this I realise its a sort of Dunkirk Spirit again, isn’t it?   Its the sort of thing we see after we are attacked as a nation by terrorists too.   We get all strong and determined and against all odds-ish.  

There are heroic tales of people walking to work.   Would they do that if it wasn’t snowing?   No, they’d use public transport.   But perhaps its bloody mindedness, wanting to prove the public transport mandarins to be wusses, who knows?   But its wellies on for the long march from the end of the tube line to your office in central London.

As a homeworker, my hat goes off to these people, it really does.   Snow seems to bring out the best in some of us, and it certainly brings out the fun in a lot of others.   I love tales of sledges being all sold out.   Fab.

Thank heavens it doesnt go on indefinitely, but thank goodness the snow comes now and again to remind of us all of our spirit.

Makes a change too, doesnt it?   I am sorry for those people whose flights are cancelled or who are stranded. There’s always a dark side, it seems, to everything.   That’s the yin and yang of everything.   And I too took my life in my hands when I drove the car to the bank, the post office and Tesco.   Cheques would have gone unbanked, letters unposted and dishes unwashed but would that really have mattered in the great scheme of things?   No, I don’t suppose so.

My best wishes to you if you are in week four of the snow as I know many are.   Keep warm.

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