Podcast Ep 109 : How Much Do You Need Social Proof?

like-1716290_640Today in our podcast episode 109 we debate the importance of social proof, specificially in the situation where you don’t yet have testimonials for your new stuff from your soon-to-be delighted clients.

This was prompted by a real challenge question flooding into podcast HQ:

“I have 2 new products, not yet with testimonials. What are your recommendations to get more social proof? One is aimed at helping businesses to sell to women called 7 Keys to Selling to Women to get her Sold on You. And the other is called Return on Connection, aimed at content marketers to help them to create and develop connection with their content and to get a return on connection because content without connection is like tea without cake. I am really the cake lady specialising in female-friendly cake! Any input in your podcast would be lovely.”

Typically we pile in with answers to questions our client hasn’t actually asked! We beg her to focus first on one product, not two at the same time. We give our gratuitous opinions about which one she might start with and we eventually get around to brainstorming on her question (!) – ways to achieve social proof before your testimonials start to roll in.

In other news, we talk about dark mornings in December, Paracetamolgate and Nicola’s Greek Name Day (6th December), and she tells me about meeting a new friend, getting another delivery of wood, taking out the trash and refilling water bottles Stoupa-stylee, all of which serve to make me even more grateful for my boiler and British Gas to maintain it and Scottish Power who send the light and heat at the touch of an easily reachable button, the bin men and Thames Water.

What’s fuelled our fire? Nicola is doing a daily blog series documenting her journey to her next launch, and I teach Nicola how to play Word Association Football and my new variation thereon, coming up with the first word which comes to mind to describe each of my clients and, in so doing, creating a list of what it means to be self-employed in 2016. In this I am anticipating my newsletter (and blog post) called What’s Your Word?

Our words of the week are Plan and Team.

We talk about spending our own money on a Facebook Likes campaign and how that contributes to our brand, whether our new Likers have listened to the podcast yet, whether they are our ideal audience and how to measure all of this, if possible, to make sure we get a return on our investment with Facebook advertising. It’s inconclusive but it throws up some things we are not yet doing right, perhaps, on our own podcast website.

And finally we are both impressed this week by Dan Norris and his WP Curve which is joining forces with Go Daddy in what appears to be a delicious partnership, all achieved in under three  years.


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