Some Thoughts on Social Media Marketing

social media marketingSome interesting facts and figures and happenings have come my way in the last 24 hours which have underlined the importance of social media marketing, such as Twitter and Facebook and their relatives, in our lives and businesses today – if done well.

Do you still know people who resist all of them? People who suggest we just use Twitter to talk about our lunch? Yes, so do I. But I ignore them largely, with a knowing shake of my head.   Get into it or wither on the vine, Dinosaur!

Here’s what’s happened since this time yesterday, in only twenty-four hours.

1.   With one ear on the Brits last night I heard that Ed Sheeran’s millions of followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook and multi-millions of YouTube views were instrumental in his getting the record deal he wanted. Good on him. He embraced social media and made himself desirable by demonstrating his market to his record label in advance, thus reducing their risk. I teach this to writers all the time.   If in doubt, self-publish yourself via a blog and build up your tribe of followers who share your passion for your product/service.

2.   Yesterday, someone in my blogging circle sent round a piece about the top 10 commercial brands and how they use Facebook. The most sobering fact in the piece was this:

Digital marketing as a percentage of marketing spend including social media is growing much faster than traditional marketing. Ford has announced that it will be spending 25% of its marketing on digital which is 100% more than the market average of 12% according to Reuters and is concentrating a lot of dollars in social media competitions due to its success with its Ford Fiesta Movement campaign.

3.   Overnight, Sarah, who used to work for me in the Nineties, found a book on her shelves and thought she might consider returning it to me (!) and thinking, no doubt, to herself  “I wonder where Judith is now” she went to the fount of all knowledge – Google. And in a heartbeat she had found me and was sending me a message I was delighted to wake up and read and reconnect. How wonderful to be found so easily on Google! The reverse is true, of course, if you don’t want to be found, take extreme care.

So here’s my Top Tip for social media marketing for small businesses.

Choose one. Choose Facebook OR Twitter OR Pinterest Or whatever is your favourite and learn how to be an expert on it, that one single channel. This will depend on your market end-user, of course, and their favourite channel, because that’s the one you should be using. Then get really good at that single channel and ignore the rest.   Don’t try to be all things to all people, or mediocre at anything.

My favourite is Twitter, having abandoned Facebook over a year ago and not missed it either a jot or a tittle.   Twitter is a channel for building and nurturing relationships, not just broadcasting. Twitter means I can network without leaving the house. If you are using it just to send out info, you are doing it wrong. If you are using it just to talk about your lunch, you are doing it wrong. If you NEVER talk about your lunch you may also be doing it wrong, especially if someone else wants to know what you had for lunch. Heinz Tomato Soup has caused me many a mutual link-up and pleasant momentary exchange of a shared memory and comforting wintery pleasure. And if you only broadcast sh*te links from other automated platforms, you don’t interact, you follow less than 10% of those who follow you or your are self-obsessed, amongst other Twitter sins, you are probably also doing it wrong. Unless you are a Celeb.

When watching James Corden present the Brits last night and all of us enjoying Adele’s success, I realised I had first heard about Adele a couple of years ago from James Corden himself from one of his Tweets about her song Someone Like You and how it resonated the pain of relationship loss with him. And so valuable was that one tiny Tweet  to me that I have (a) never forgotten and (b) not unfollowed him when I was recently doing a purge of those with whom I could never hope to establish a meaningful relationship on Twitter.  I get a lot of my news from Twitter this way, that’s how important it is to me. Knowing that, how could you use Twitter better?

Use TwitCleaner to help you decide how well you are doing, and who to purge from those you are following. And there’s another very useful guy to be forming a relationship with on Twitter, SiDawson, who invented Twit Cleaner – and finding out your other Twitter sins. Si will also give you feedback on what you are doing right and wrong and whether or not you need to chat to people more, for example.  Twitter Expert, Mark Shaw, advises that you only follow enough people to be having meaningful online relationships with them and vice versa.

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Some Thoughts on Social Media Marketing

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