Sometimes You Just Have to Do the Big Scary Things All Alone

Enter By YourselfToday I have to do a Big Scary Thing. All alone. It always seems to me (and this may not be 100% true) that when it comes to Big Scary Things, I am ALONE. It just seems that way. Perhaps because the Thing is Big and Scary.

When I watched my father die, I realised that even though we were all with him, he was doing it alone, i.e. he was the only one who was dying that day.

Which made me appreciate that when we are born, unless we are twins, we do that alone too i.e. no-one else in the delivery room is getting born right then and there. OK, your Mum is turning into a Mum all by herself with your Dad who is turning into a Dad all on his own, albeit in company too, but you are doing the getting the born thing alone. You are the only one getting born.

And once you see that you are born alone, and you die alone, even if in company, you know that you do everything else important alone – on your own, by yourself – too. Even if you are married or in a partnership of some sort or in business or you are surrounded and supported by well-wishers and friends and family.

Nowhere is this more obvious to me than in my coaching work.

No matter how much support I give my beloved clients, and how kind and encouraging our community is, between calls and between Facebook group messages, you still have to go off and do the Big Scary Things in your own business all by yourself. You’ve got to do your things in your business because we are all doing our own things in our own businesses.

And that’s OK. In fact, it’s perfect.

“If it is to be, it is up to me.” William H. Johnsen

Because the more Big Scary Things we do alone, the stronger we become and the easier the BSTs become and less and less scary. We don’t get much practice at being born or dying (fortunately), but everything else you generally get to repeat, over and over, until you get good at it.

As I go off alone to do my brave thing today I shall be channelling my friend Marion who says “What would a Brave Woman do?” And I know when I come home after the gig I shall feel like a giant killer.

What one big brave thing could you do today, all on your lonesome, which would take your gorgeous little home-based business one step closer towards your own personal business nirvana?

Be brave. We can do it together. Well, not together together, together alone. You go do your Big Brave Thing and I will go do mine and we can compare notes later about how much we’ve grown and, now we know we are brave, I wonder what other things we might feel ready to attack?

Your Biz Your Way

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