Waking Up: The Soul Whispers Calling My Name

Soulful-WhispersUntil very recently, my soul came in for very little TLC from me, losing the race to other power-hungry parts of my being such as my heart, my ambition, my desires, my brain and my ego. Perhaps I even thought my heart and my soul were approximately the same thing; certainly they are close cousins.

In choosing to strengthen my relationship with soul and then deliberately making it part of my mission, my life has taken off in a completely new direction, one that I have been led to as if it had been signposted by flashing neon.

Reading a book called The Moses Code by James Twyman I came across these words:

“It’s as if you’re finally acting upon the knowingness of your soul instead of your mind, which is at best confused about everything it perceives. It seems everything as separate and alone, whereas your soul views everything as intimately connected to its source.”

And these words:

“I like to call this Divine Selfishness. The fact is that it’s nearly impossible for us to exist without the ego or its motivations. The key isn’t to destroy them but to use them in a new way – one that achieves the goals of your soul. There are things that each one of us desires such as peace, joy, contentment, and success, to name but a few. If it’s true that giving and receiving are the same, then it makes sense to give what we most want.

So if your highest goal is to be happy, make others feel that way. The more happiness you spread, the more you’ll experience. This is using the ego in a new way, and it honors every part of you: your soul that seeks to give and your ego that seeks to receive.”

Before I nipped off earlier for a little lie down with The Moses Code, I’d noticed it said in my diary that I was to write this blog and I’d done everything else before I’d knocked off except this. And, as I went, I remember thinking – in the new slightly whacky way that I have – ‘s’ok, you can leave that to your sub-conscious. When you come back to your desk later, you’ll know what to write about.’

And as I’ve been reading all this about soul and putting two and two together, I saw that working more intuitively is a pointer to me to delve deeper into knowing and appreciating myself from the soul up so that in my work I’d be a different woman, ready to be available to my clients in a refreshing new way. Money yes, business yes, wise old bird yes, but much more soulful besides – and for good reason.

Because the people I’m here to help are exploring the same spiritual stuff as me. In these financially perilous times when so much external seems out of our control, why not go inwards instead, connect with what is within our own power and encourage our internal life to be as rich as possible?

I’m listening to the whispers from my own soul now and making room in my life to explore that part of me as the whispers get louder and louder and won’t be turned down. Actually, I don’t know why I’m saying that…I don’t even want to turn them down; they are imparting vital wisdom.

Are you hearing these voices whispering from your soul too, or is it just me and Joan of Arc? And you know what happened to her…!

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