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Barbara Winter shared this meme on Facebook. Barbara and I take joy in many of the same things so I’d recommend discovering, befriending or following her. She also happened to give me a cracking testimonial for my book on but I’m not showing favouritism, honest! Barbara on Facebook.

I got to thinking about the clients in my diary this week and how they share their gifts with the world.

Rather quirkily three of them have been writers, one a publisher, another a hypnotherapist (she and I were very much on the same wavelength).

Obviously, the writers are sharing their gifts with the world in that way. I like that way for myself too, as you will know if you are a regular reader of this my newsy newsletter. As I explained to one and was obliged to remind another, sharing is rather the whole point, i.e. marketing, spreading the word of your written gifts and talents. If you want to sell any books, that is.

There was a time when perhaps I might not have thought of a writer as having a business, but today I very much do. I am able to share resources with writers about how I have marketed my own book, whose books I recommend on how to do that, and what I have discovered about good book marketing by following the social media output and Facebook Pages of authors I love.

Technically a writer has an advantage, because so much marketing output is also in the written word, or can be.  Similarly, I feel that my arty clients have an advantage on the visual platforms like Instagram, but everyone loves a good image or photo, even wordy me. I say I don’t, but I caught myself admiring some beautiful sea photographs in Australia earlier. One of your pictures can be worth a thousand of my words.

Whilst the really cool bit about Barbara’s meme is the thing about our gifts and talents and the sharing thereof being the opportunity in our own biz, it doesn’t mean any of my clients relish that sharing (marketing) bit. And yet… how cool, how cool is that too? Let me show you how. I LOVE that bit!

If I were jaded at all about business and marketing, these few words totally turned that around. ALL of my clients are gifted which means we all are or have the potential to be if we will just allow ourselves to explore that bit of us. It’s not just a bit really, it’s the majority of us, and it deserves to be expressed, it demands to be expressed.

One of my IRL pals is painting right now as a means of self-expression and even though I doubt she has any plans to turn that into a biz (although never say never), who knew she even liked painting? Certainly not me and I reckon I am in her top 5 besties. It’s in all of us, that’s my point.

It took ages for me to recognise my own creativity, perhaps it was consolidated by discovering my own Wealth Dynamics Profile though I think that came after my realisation that with creating businesses I was giving birth to something which wasn’t in the world before and, to me, that is the very definition of creativity.

And no sooner had I realised this than the thought occurred to me about how much I would really LOVE to work with creative people, orthodox creative types – you know – like artists and writers. But everyone is creative, and I mostly see it in their ideas. Their ideas make them like a wild horse, and that makes me the creativity whisperer as I help them to corral those ideas in a way which will enable the making of a business out of their creative gifts. And the making of money.

And that’s one of my gifts. Which got me to thinking what are the others? I’m going to audit my own in the hope you will model that and audit yours too, setting modesty aside for the morning. And when you’ve done your homework, please send it to me. You know I love to hear from you.

1. I make people feel better about themselves and about the stuff they’ve got going on which they might perceive to be problems. I know this from decades of feedback, people telling me that way back in my accounting days too. “Oh thank you, I feel so much better now.” I am a natural coach and cheerleader. I cannot help myself but see and encourage the best in you, even or especially when you’ve lost sight of it yourself.

2. I’m quite good at money and helping you to feel more comfy with yours and inviting more in so you can employ yourself and turn your biz into a sustainable living.

3. I am gifted with the written and spoken word so I use those in my business too and love, love, love the opportunity to do that. Perhaps that’s why there were so many writers in my diary this week?

I am sure I have other gifts, and so do you. But three is also plenty. Rank them. What are your top three gifts and how do you express those in your creative business?

If you don’t know how to do that, or you do but you aren’t doing it yet because you daren’t or because can’t see or believe in the commercial potential of your gifts, I’m your woman. We should talk. Book yourself in for one of my exploratory Entrepreneur of the Day calls which also just happen to be free. The first one’s always free. Together we will find that sweet spot where your gifts and talents and mine meet in sparky creative heaven.

Entrepreneur of the Day

Don’t waste any more time thinking this is something you SHOULD be able to do for yourself, as one of those creative types said to me earlier in the week. Think secret ally, partnership, co-creation, cheerleading, teamwork and more.

One of my writery clients, renewing with me for our fourth year together, said that she had paid my invoice with joy. That’s precisely the energy from which we might approach our business most days.

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