Spirit’s Got My Back

I woke on Saturday morning to an email from a woman who told me she had sat quietly with Spirit and asked where she should send her tithe this week and been surprised to receive my name in answer. So surprised, in fact, that she had argued with Spirit.

I LOVE the idea of arguing with Spirit! It’s a bit like me pulling a card out of my new Angel Tarot card deck from Doreen Virtue and deciding I don’t like that one and putting it back in the box until I get one which tells me what I do want to hear. It happens, sad to report.

My correspondent went on to tell her story of double-checking with Spirit that she should ask for my bank details and how, on reflection, she was reasonably sanguine it was me. We had an amusing exchange in which I thanked her for arguing with Spirit against paying me and she replied “Spirit’s got your back”.

It was sunny, so I went out for a little walk. And as I walked down the road I could feel the sun on my back. If ever there were an embodiment of Spirit, for me it would be the sun. And so I had a little dialogue with the sun as it shone on me.

“Spirit, is that you? Thanks for warming my back, thanks for looking after me, thanks for having my back and demonstrating that this morning by directing a tithe to me”.  And as I spoke to my embodiment of Spirit in this way, the sun got stronger, the warmth got warmer and my sense of Spirit having my back multiplied. I laughed out loud as I trotted down the road to Tesco.

This issue of tithing is not as strange as it might sound at first because we are experimenting with this in my Money-Making Magic* Group. And my conversing with Spirit is not too odd either as I am also doing a lot of meditating right now, about which I shall write more another day.

In a book I am reading by Dr Joe Dispenza he explains that when you get really into the meditation you can expect the unexpected to turn up in your life, a bit like a sign from the quantum of possibility that your energies are being received.  One is being heard and felt and causing an energetic vibration in the unknown.

So I decided to receive my unexpected incoming tithe as a sign. I can’t tell you how reassuring it was because, unlike my box of tarot cards, there was no possibility of me “fixing” the outcome. My correspondent was Spirit’s agent on earth, a role I myself have played many a time.

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  1. Liz Martinez says:

    I argue with spirit all the time. Spirit argues back and usually proves me wrong, and once I have been well and truly put back in my place and realise what spirit had in mind for me, I am able to laugh at myself and thank God for knowing better and giving me more than I insisted I deserved. In all dealings with spirit, such as channelling, asking for guidance, listening to our intuition, discernment is a powerful and essential skill and protects the wise from falling prey to the tricks of the ego, flattery and plain old foolish wishful thinking. As students at Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing we learned fast to develop discernment – using therapy where necessary – to keep us sane and grounded. I believe the Bible lists discernment as one of the extraordinary gifts that are given to those who wish to live empowered spiritual lives. Use it, trust it, argue like crazy. Then you know that when the message from spirit is clear, you can trust it.