How to Start a Membership Site: Podcast Ep 164

One of my clients is exploring the use of Kajabi to help her with the creation of a membership site in part of her business. Nicola and I had used it when we were business partners together in another business during the Noughties and struggled with it then, so I asked her if she would like to address that topic on today’s radio show. Oh boy, would she!

Nicola has her own membership site which clients access through her app. She uses a combination of Xenforo (for the content) and BB Press (for the forum). I know that I can, if I wish, use 22Social for that club functionality myself, although our discussion reminded me that I already own WP Wishlist on my website.

The point Nicola was most keen to get across was what her own mentor calls “owning the racecourse” which means hosting the content on your own website as compared with putting it all into the hands of a third party on a hosted site like Teachable, Thinkific or indeed Kajabi. Nicola suggested Optimise Press or, as mentioned above, WP Wishlist for those who wanted to host their own content and safeguard it that way. Mention was made of Ning which I have used and loved, and Nicola mentioned Thrive Architect, ActiveCampaign and ClickFunnels so there are lots of options.

Of course, we both shared the view that it is best to run your pilot on a simple combination of a sales page, an opt-in and a Facebook Group before you go to the expense of investing in such solutions before you know your project is scalable, although my client already knows hers is going to work should she choose to pursue  it. We have that under review for 30 days before rushing ahead.

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In other news, our words of the week are Storytelling (hers) and Laughter (mine).

We’ve both begun the New Year with a bang now, having both had challenges various in Week One. Nicola’s back in Stoupa and catching up with recordings and edits, carrying through on her pledge to email her list every day during January, and she’s also engaged in fixing things and busting tolerations by so doing.

I’m feeling much better than I have for some time and had a couple of “giant-killer” days early in Week Two, I’m cracking along nicely with my Creating the Impossible project which is all about being (even) more of a writer in 2018 and beyond. I’m back to slightly below my pre-Xmas weight and low-carbing like a good ‘un. I’ve been approached by Skillshare which probably isn’t the right place for me as I am not a video teacher, and asked if I would like to be on a new podcast which most definitely is the right place for me. I feel better for being back working with my clients and they’ve sent me four or five cracking questions for Book 2.

Our New Year activities include N having a complete overhaul of her Infusionsoft funnels (be still my beating heart!) and me uploading a goodly chunk of my Lumen5 videos to my own YouTube channel, words I never thought these fingers would type, let alone an activity which would occur to me to do!

Project Updates include my book sales numbers (62) and my Amazon reviews (12), and N fills us in on a couple of healthy spikes in podcast download numbers in January.

Nicola is excited to see the return of The Voice and we are impressed and inspired by:

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