Step Away from the Machine

The-Machine-150x150I notice that I get increasingly good results in my day-to-day goings on if I step away from the machine altogether from time to time.

My natural inclination is to sit over the steaming laptop during every waking moment, dotting Is, crossing Ts, keeping on top of emails and controlling, controlling, controlling. If there were room for another Fat Controller in the world, I would be she, no audition required, my record speaks for itself. I like to sweat the small stuff, the big stuff and all varieties of stuff in between. I know that when I’m in charge all goes well. Historically.

But last Friday I had the day off and while I was out and about in the sunshine with a good pal, a couple of opportunities came in of the life-changing variety when I wasn’t here. How could that possibly be?

Whilst I’ve been taking it somewhat easier over the last few year and doing more soul work, I’ve been experimenting with the concepts of allowing and trust. And in some of the work I’m doing with clients right now, this is a recurring theme.

It seems that the people I attract straddle two worlds, like myself. We are moving increasingly in a spiritual or heart-centred direction and we want to allow more, to trust that we’ve done all the right things and that we will be provided for but the left brain and the fearful reptile brain remind us of the risks of that strategy. What if it doesn’t work? What if we are wrong to trust? What if we haven’t done enough/don’t deserve/are mad as a box of frogs? These thoughts keep us awake at night worrying about how we are going to pay our bills.

And yet the desire remains, it’s getting stronger by the day and cannot be ignored. Our entrepreneurial souls are speaking to us. And we know we are OK in this moment.

Certain life events are guaranteed to remind you what’s important. It’s right now, and making time to live in this moment, to know you are alright in this moment and to trust that it’s OK to do work you feel called to do and that you will be remunerated with energy in the form of cash to pay your bills, because that’s how it works on this earthly plane.

But it’s a hard one. The people I have been listening to recently have been describing this in their various different ways, they say (approximately) “I want to do X but I’m afraid”, even though all of them have evidence that when they jump they can trust that the safety net or the solution appears, or at least enough evidence enough of the time.

Many clients talk specifically of “allowing”, the polar opposite of controlling. Most know they can trust it at some level, but can they trust it enough? As I talk to people all over the world, how can it be that we are all experimenting with these same feelings and life choices all at the same time?

I have a thought on this…I’m 59. I have always been alright, all my life, even when it didn’t always feel like it. Therefore it follows now, after all that evidence, (I’m a mathematician, remember) that I will always be alright. And I have a sense these days too that even if it’s not alright at some level, it will still always be alright at another vital spiritual soul level. Everything happens perfectly and I’m going to experiment with stepping away from the machine more. I know I will feel healthier and I’m choosing to believe my business results will be easier.

Will this work for everyone? Eventually, yes. Right now, not necessarily no. I think you’ve got to have put some building blocks in place so that you are, to some extent, reaping an energetic harvest based on different sorts of work you have done in the past – personal development work, business work, no-holds-barred, roll-up-your-sleeves, focussed goal oriented coal-face work based around a way of serving the world which you know people want and that you have evidence to support.

Will this strategy work if you don’t believe it? Probably not. But if I were an even braver woman, I wouldn’t mind experimenting with that one!

Either way, why not take some time out for what’s really important, being with yourself, your friends and family in these bonus sunny September days? We can always catch up if we fall behind, there’s plenty of time for that in the rest of our lives. But for now, step away from the machine and let me know what you discover about life, The Universe and everything when you start to invite the energy of allowing into your life and self-employment.

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