Stop Struggling: When It’s Right, It’s Easy

When I play Cashflow 101 with my clients and things go well, we hit this button and it says to us “That Was Easy!”   I remember almost nothing of my NLP training because I was in a trance for seven days straight, but even I know this is what NLPers call an anchor.

I am training my clients, with thanks to Bianca who gave me this button, to take note of how easy it is to do what they want to do – make more money more easily.   And in so doing, I am undoing everything they used to believe about money, that making money is hard, when it could be just – well – magical.

You might like to know you can buy these fabulous fun talking buttons at any branch of Staples for only £2.49 and remind yourself anytime you like how easy life and business can be.

And my suggestion today is this: It’s supposed to be easy.

I get cries for help from old and new and prospective clients (three this afternoon alone) and random requests via my website and they’ve got a problem, of course they have. I don’t know many people who glide through life without the occasional glitch, myself included. If it were all going swimmingly, I probably wouldn’t be getting calls from people at all and especially not from those who want to tell me about The Struggle.

They say “I’m struggling and struggling and struggling with X” and immediately my energy sinks and I think how ghastly for them this must be. And then I tell them.   “You’re doing it wrong.   When it’s right, it’s easy”.

Often I go on to issue some bossy and directive instructions about how life could be easier.   In fact only today I had a fabulous exchange with a woman who then Tweeted that I had given her a 30 Day Workplan in 30 Minutes (which I may well go on to call my telephone coaching, so thanks for that gift).   Never met the bird before, but we were able to cut to the chase which speaks excellently of her, I must confide. Robust. Just how I like ’em.   This attraction marketing stuff only works!

At the monthly meeting of our Woo Woo Group, The Creation Experiment, last Friday this theme of ease came up over and over again.   One Top Bird told us how swimmingly things were going for her in her new life. Still pants in her old life, mind, but her new life is great. And I said “you mean, when it’s right, it’s easy?” And she agreed with a sort of bemused sigh and then a smile of recognition. And then it became a recurring theme throughout the day.

And now it’s become the recurring theme of my week which is no doubt The Big U sending me a message about my own life through the medium of the struggles of my clients.   People are struggling with debt, struggling with uncertainty, struggling with emotions, struggling with cashflow crises, struggling with time management – anything which they make up their mind is difficult.   And I point them in the direction of  Easy Street.

And that’s all I want for them, to help them find the path of flow, where it all comes effortlessly towards them and all they have to do is allow.

Am I saying they don’t have to work? No!  Just that they don’t need to choose struggle. And even once they notice perhaps that life or work has become a struggle, they don’t have to choose to wrestle the bear indefinitely.

Have a look around at what’s showing up in your life and work right now and do let me know where it’s a struggle. How could that be easier? Do you think the struggle is worthwhile and you are going to keep going with it for a tiny bit longer because there’s light at the end of the tunnel, or are you just a struggle junkie hooked into something which is intrinsically broken?

I find that none of us want to give up something we have invested a lot of time and money in, or a lot of ourselves. We might have to admit failure or consider what others think of us and there is the additional prospect of loss.   Or that could be easier than we think too.

Frankly I don’t think others are paying us much attention because they are far too absorbed by their own struggle.   And where there is loss there will also be gain, an equal and opposite reaction. So take a tip from me today and ask yourself this: how could life and work and money be much, much easier on me and on all of us round here?

There, you see, that was easy after all. I’d be prepared to bet the answer came to you in a heartbeat.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Anne says:

    Great post – and just had a wonderful example of easy. I got inspiration I wanted to go to a conference. Checked date – yep it’s free. Then had another look. Turns out that there were 2 free places for certain types of organisations. I have done work for one of them. I contacted her with an email saying “if the place is free and you don’t mind, I’d love for you to sponsor me”. Answer back in 10 minutes. Yes, love to. So now within 2 hours I was booked on a conference free of charge…how easy was that !

  2. Jan says:

    Thank you for this post, which made me want to stand up and shout it’s message out loud to anyone who would listen. Why oh why do people keep pushing away at stuff that doesn’t resonate with who they are. A friend shared that the truth will always make you feel lighter. When it’s right, it’s easy does exactly that.