Your Strategic Objective: A Detailed Business Plan

Making A PlanOnce you’ve got clear on WHY you are doing it, you might like to consider creating a very specific business plan, which the folks at E-Myth call your Strategic Objective. This details what your business will look like and when.

What do you have to achieve in your business? How many people will you need performing what functions? Where? What will you call your business, and where will you base it?  What property and facilities will you need? How many clients will use your business and what will their customer experience be? What will your proud boast be, what will clients say about you, how will new clients find your business, what will be your turnover and profits and how many directors and shareholders will share the spoils?

Get specific. If you start with quite an ambitious objective, it stretches you in your planning. You realise you probably can’t do all that by myself so who will you need to attract as strategic business partners to get there faster? I like a vision you can’t achieve all by yourself, its accelerated, more profitable and more fun.

If you were to take a sheet of paper today and start getting specific about your business, what would it look like?  Remembering the life you painted in Your Primary Aim, what sort of a business would you need to own and run to support that lifestyle?   How big a team doing what, and doing it whether or not you show up for work? Oh, what fun!

Not every self-employed person needs or wants to think this big. Perhaps you think you will be happy to simply work at home every day doing what you love. And indeed you may, fingers crossed. But your Strategic Objective for your business doesn’t need to be as big or terrifying as that for IBM, but I’d still recommend one.

Nothing stays the same. Plan for the way you would like your business to be in say a year’s time, and make it as ambitious as you dare. In due course, I expect I’ll be able to talk you into re-doing that same plan and stretch it out to five and ten years.

It’s amazing how powerful this can be for your business. Bang it down on paper – it’s a plan, for you, for your bank manager, and for The Universe. You’ll feel the earth move as energies conspire to send you what you need, once you are clear about where you are going.

Planning. It sounds so DULL, even to me. But it can be magic, honest.

Your Biz Your Way

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