Stressful Feelings of Busyness: Podcast Ep 217

For our 217th show, Nicola brings the focus topic of stressful feelings of busyness. What to do when you feel you are always running to catch up, when you are sweating deadlines and feeling overwhelmed with how much you have to do and you are always having to cancel stuff which is important but not urgent?

Recently Nicola’s found time to help her daughter through a lengthy 3-step interview process for a job, cope with some strange banking hiccup which doubles her admin workload, and bring a new VA up to speed. All these extras have led her to feel a stressful busyness and that, in turn, contributes to a sense of not doing her best work. What’s the solution?

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Nicola begins this week’s show by telling me about how she’s been flat out catching up including the creation of 14 new one-minute videos, two vzines and six Write Club podcasts AND she’s been out three nights on the trot!  No wonder she’s feeling the stress of busyness, I’d be exhausted after a period like that!

I tell her about my week – the Oscars all-nighter and my second PPI win. Plus I invite the listener to help me find my next housesit and Nicola comes up with a genius idea of posting it on two local forums in Stoupa where many people abandon their homes in the UK for months at a time to go and live in their holiday homes in Greece. Genius! Fingers crossed.

When it comes to what’s fuelled our respective fires, Nicola is excited about Google Optimize which is free and enables you to easily test the effectiveness of copy and buttons and colours on your own website and then optimise for the most effective. In turn, I tell her about my enthusiasm for taking our Patreons up from 5 who contribute $19 pcm between them to $100 pcm which would pay our podcast expenses. If you’d like to be a Patreon for just a few dollars a month and help us to achieve that target, you can do that at Thank you!

I also tell her the story of a woman who ended up in my diary and when I asked how we knew one another she gave me the perfect answer: “I  came across you when I Googled “business coaches in London” (I think) a week or so ago and was intrigued, so I bought your fab book which I am about half way through and am loving it, so here I am…”. Gorgeous!

Our Words of the Week are Current (Nicola) and Leadership (me).

In Project Updates, Nicola is excited to have sold her third business book from her website. This time someone bought it on a PWYW basis and chose to pay $10. She updates me with Own It! download numbers (96777) and predicts we will hit 100k within seven weeks. I tell her about the real-time progress I am making on selling a property, namely zero in nine days so far.

And finally we are impressed by Maggie O’Farrell’s book After You’d Gone which keeps Nicola up all night, and me by a quote from screenwriter William Goldman brought to my attention by Samuel L. Jackson as he handed out awards for screenplays during the Oscars:


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