Stuck? How To Fall In Love With Your Business All Over Again

I think it’s imperative to be in love with your business at some level.   If not, it’s a drag.   Do you love yours?   And like a partner, friend, child or parent you love, do you demonstrate that in all that you do at work?

If you don’t love your business right now, do you think you could get back there? Or is it a hopeless case? Do you need to ditch it and move on and re-create?   Or are there some parts I can help you to salvage and re-build the rest?

Let’s examine what constitutes a business to love and then see if you can find the magic again.

I think sometimes we can get so caught up in the daily grind that we overlook the bigger picture, why we became self-employed in the first place. Clients tell me their main reason was freedom.   Freedom to create, to make their own mistakes, to be their own boss, to create a better life.

Have you created a better life, or have you created a rather demanding monster which eats your time, your energy, your GSOH and hasn’t made you rich yet?   In fact, it’s a total drain? If so, let’s re-visit the model.

In my book there are two perfectly fine ways to love working for yourself:

1.   Successful Self-Employment which involves looking after you, having a product or service which people want to buy, getting into financial integrity where your income pays your bills every month reliably and you have enough good quality support, time off and a life. You may still be exchanging time for money but its satisfying and way better than going out to work.   It’s about earning money.

2.   Effortless Business Success.   This is Level Two.   Its where you are no longer exchanging time for money but earning from other people’s efforts instead. You can work or not. You can have a month or three off and still make money, you can simply put your attention on directing the business while others do the actual work.   It’s about making money.   And having fun.

Which is your business, a 1 or a 2?   I have several different businesses and I am a 1 in some and a 2 in others.   The existence of the 2s enable me to make myself available in the 1s – does that make sense?

If it weren’t for the largely passive income from my Level 2 businesses, I would still be stuck in the prison that I know a Level 1 business can become.

What constitutes that prison?   Working longer and longer hours for less and less return, whether that be buzz, abundance or dosh.   I think that reason alone with cause you to fall out of love with your business pretty quickly as it gets harder and harder to get yourself to your desk in the mornings.

If you were my client, what work might we usefully do together?

  • Step back and review
  • Ensure your business model fits your vision for your ideal life
  • Put you first “for a change”
  • Invest in the finest asset of your business (you)
  • Mitigate the damage potential of your worst liability (you)
  • Find your flow
  • Outsource some lower level chores and admin at first and then more later (much more later!)
  • Work on your business not just in it
  • Learn to love and fully embrace marketing
  • Get good at sales and asking for the business
  • Iron out your cashflow
  • Find solutions for any other duff bits
  • Aim for you to do only what you love
  • And a little bit of woo woo (or quite a lot of woo woo if you are up for it!)

It’s by visiting and re-visiting these basics such as why I started in business for myself and how the business I have manifested serves the way I want to live my life or not that I have re-discovered my passion for business mentoring, consulting and wealth coaching.   And for my Beloved Clients.

I LOVE ENTREPRENEURS. Always have, always will.   And I love writing, sharing expertise, blogging, coaching, mentoring and creating resources that will help small business people and the self-employed enjoy effortless success and sharing inspirations and information.   And that’s all I’m going to do now, I’ve decided.

After all, I’ve taught enough people to do that, how could I possibly have forgotten that myself?   Doh.

I want entrepreneurship to be creative and profitable for you.

I want entrepreneurs to live a better life than their job-bound counterparts, in return for getting up every day and creating their own opportunities.

I want to love the work I do every day and I want you to share that same deep privilege and joy and know its possible if you haven’t even got to that place yet, don’t know how you will or have lost your way recently and can’t seem to find your way back.

Let me know where you are stuck and I will blog some answers.

My book Creating A Business To Love is available at Amazon on Kindle.



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