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Subliminal Success 30 DaysOn 10th May 2015 I spent $47 (£38) on a digital product which is a series of audio tracks and videos to watch every day. I committed to my One Thing group that I would do this daily for 60 days so that I could claim on the money back guarantee if it didn’t “work”.

I have managed to do this most days since 10th May. I have missed out four days in total either at bank holiday weekends, when I fell out of my routine, or in the last week when I have been so busy with my new project I ran out of time and I ended up just before midnight, too exhausted to do the work then.

The product is called Thought Elevators and here’s my review and my results.

The audios and videos themselves – and the concept – are very simple. Simple is good. There’s a video to watch every day. It is only about three minutes long and you can choose from any of the following, all of which (and more stuff) are in the digital pack:

  • Accelerated Learning
  • Anxiety and Stress Relief
  • Business Success
  • Energy
  • Ideal Partner*
  • Ideal Weight (ghastly torturous sound-track)
  • Perfect Health and Healing
  • Relationships*
  • Wealth and Money

There’s other stuff too, bits and bobs, user guides, freebies, loads to download, read, watch, listen and file, not necessarily in that order (!).

As I say, each video is only about three minutes long and they consist of relatively cheesy stock photos overlaid with one-liners, many of which involve typos (which I decided to ignore for the purposes of my experiment, but grrrr!). Every day I just choose whichever one I fancy and then listen to the matching audio immediately afterwards; the pairing is important, do not be tempted to mix ‘n match. A couple of the videos I haven’t even bothered to watch as I am not interested in better results in those areas of my life e.g. Luuurve* and some of them I’ve only listened too once or twice, e.g. Accelerated Learning and Energy. I don’t remember either of those so don’t quiz me.

Subliminal Success blokeThe audio tracks are much longer, averaging about 30 minutes. But the instructions say (I think) that you can go about your business while listening, so I did. Mostly I did my self-composed written affirmations while listening to the audio track though twice, I think, I went to sleep at night listening to the audio.

I transferred all the audios and videos to my iPad, no mean feat, thinking I would do that more but I have ended up doing it at my desk, on my laptop, in the main, so that I can be writing out my affirmations at the same time as the audio track is playing. Downloading the original content was a bit of a thing too since this is plenty of megabytes. Is that what I mean? Took a while anyway, and some patience, focus and concentration. Not for the tech virgin, the tech averse or the tech OAP.

The audios match the videos in as much as you have a longer version of the same soundtrack and each pair of audio/video has its own soundtrack, most of which are fine – whales, water, waves, seaside, rain, birds in the jungle. Only one is unbearable as it has a grating repetitive meme I cannot stand, sadly it is the Ideal Weight one which I’d like to be able to do more if it weren’t so painful to listen to, though all the rest are repetitive in a good way. I LOVE a couple of them, rain (oddly, as I am mostly a sunshine fan) and waves (no surprise there). The audio tracks are great and I am imagining they reinforce the subliminal video since the track is an exact match, just longer. It repeats, but in a very restful way. The music behind the rain just stops for a while, leaving just you and the rain. Gorgeous. I find this so relaxing and I am deeply motivated to do the work.

So, what’s happened to my life? How are my results better after 28 days? Gentle Reader, I’ve kept a list, this is a “scientific” experiment, after all:

  • £850 in returning clients I wasn’t expecting. Lush.
  • A nice offer from a former client to send me some of her unwanted clients. No, really, that is a nice offer despite sounding a bit weird. Clients wrong for her are right for me.
  • I won £3.50 on the lottery, my first since November despite doing it 4x a week.
  • I was introduced to someone who could help me and my clients a lot, a financial adviser with amazing innovative ideas and products up his sleeve. Stop me and buy one.
  • A kind friend sorted out a problem I’d had with one of my rental properties since March 2014 (last year) and did it out of the kindness of her heart in a way which is very financially beneficial to me (and her). I will make an additional £475 per month from this one alone. Also it is a toleration busted after 15 months of anguish and leaks of various sorts which the local managing agent and the local letting agent were unable to resolve between them.
  • I’m 3 weeks into my lo-carb eating and loving it, looking better, sleeping better, surprised and delighted to be experiencing almost no sugar withdrawal symptoms and an effortless 10 pound weight loss.
  • I had a genius idea for my own business – Summer School.
  • A PWYW client had owed me a donation since October and I’d not noticed; she just sent £50 and a rave review and report of her own excellent turnaround since our call. Nice surprise (dosh) and a lovely read (report).
  • A gift from another colleague, a digital 7-day course. Abundance incoming.
  • My new business opportunity. Having a HUGE amount of fun with that. #BizOpp. This is one of the best manifestations in the last month,  not least because I had been googling for it without success for MONTHS. Then it found me.
  • New private coaching clients in the pipeline, worth about £2,000 when they are ready to start which I am confident they both will since feedback was awesome and they are both an excellent match for what I can bring to their businesses. So there’s an attraction vibe going on there which is working better than it has for some time.

Not a bad haul, I think you’ll agree? Absolutely no need to claim on the money back guarantee, then.

I plan to keep on doing the videos and audios daily indefinitely. Once you find something that works for you, don’t stop.

Here’s my affiliate link to the product: Thought Elevators – sorry, you’ll have to sit through a lengthy sales video. I did. It’s fine, honest. Here’s to your subliminal success. If you decide to spend $47, let me know. We can compare notes and keep each other accountable forever. I might even open up a special FB group for us all. Remind me.


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