5 Simple Success Strategies For Small Businesses

Going-Up-In-The-World-150x150Small business people work in many different ways and I am fortunate that my work enables me to observe others doing it their way and seeing what works and sharing their success strategies with my readers. Although my inner controller often (erroneously) thinks my way is best, I am oddly happy when clients prove me wrong all day long.

It doesn’t matter how we all get to where we want to be, just so long as we do, just so long as we find a way, our way – that works. Here are a few success strategies I’ve seen my clients use in their businesses to good effect, so I know they’ll work in yours (and mine!).

Love It.   One client just loves everything about her business. She loves the clients, she loves the suppliers, she loves the service she provides. Abundance follows. How could it help but be magnetically attracted to that?

Be a proficient practitioner of the Law of Attraction.   Get clear about what you want, ask for it, do all that you can with all that you have from where you are now without worrying about the cursed hows, expect that the Universe will deliver, be open to receive and get out of the way.

Believe in it. Believe in your business proposition, know it will work and prove yourself right; a confidence ensues which is self-fulfilling.

Turn up and commit to doing the hard work.   Hard work has always worked for another business owner I have in mind and it still continues to work.   She’s not afraid of hard work, she’s been brought up to it, she puts her back into it and hey presto!   I love that determination.

Focus.   What are you making important? Are you diddling about all day pretending to work or are you marketing, selling, managing and delivering? Keep bringing yourself back on track.

These sound easy when you read them, don’t they, but you wouldn’t believe what us entrepreneurs allow to get in the way. Each of these strategies has been demonstrated to me by just one individual business owner, so you don’t need to do all five of them, at least not all at once. But just imagine the acceleration if you could do one or two?

Any one of them consistently applied will do the trick.

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