The Sufficient Solopreneur

Woman Driving a Car and Wearing Earphones --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisIf I could teach my clients one thing right off the bat it would be this. You are enough.

You are already good enough and bright enough to become self-employed and create an income running your own small business from home. You already know enough, you just don’t know that you do or do what you know. And if I could just persuade you to do what you already know, under my guidance and in our community, everything will turn out just fine. Your confidence will grow and along with it your self-esteem and self-belief.

OK, you don’t know everything, but then neither do I. But, trust me, between us we do know enough. More than enough.

Your problem is one of (lack of) implementation of what you already know, which knowledge has been acquired expensively in your earlier life as employee and consumer. And you are naturally hesitant and may also be somewhat of a procrastinator. And you have the feeling that you need A Plan when you keen on changing your mind all the time. And perhaps that you need all your ducks in a row before you start. You don’t.

And you think you need more information and knowledge bought in from endless experts and gurus. You don’t.

Here’s my advice.

  • Do what you already know. Tune in to your own inner expert.
  • Get into action. Anything will do, just start.
  • Do what you feel inspired to do, if nothing else. And see what happens.
  • Be prepared to experiment.
  • Ask for help.
  • Implement what you’ve learned from the shiny objects you’ve bought already.
  • Find the accountability to stop procrastinating and start focusing on what you do want instead.
  • And JFDI

It is amazing how quickly we adapt and grow once we start to DO stuff.  Senior members of my crew are advising the others, leading like good ‘uns, where only months ago they thought they knew nothing. That’s how quickly you pick up this stuff. A lot of it is common sense, and re-jigging your own common sense and worldly wisdom into a new context, that of your own beautiful little business.

When I passed my driving test in 1973, I was rather a nervous and inexperienced driver (obviously). My parents took me into Richmond Park that night in a Volvo Estate and the experience was so terrifying I didn’t drive again for five years.Then, one day, I looked around myself and thought, logically, “If all these other idiots can do it, so can I”. D’oh!

It’s the same with running your own small business. And you’re not an idiot. You might be starting off as a tortoise but slow and steady wins this self-employment race and soon you’ll be overtaking the hares, and ripping up your L plates.

Do not compare yourself to the hares, they have no value to you. Hang out with us other cool tortoises and we’ll hold your virtual hand.  Soon you’ll see that you already are a sufficient solopreneur.

Your Biz Your Way

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