Sunday Gratitudes

Tall Green TreeThe things I am grateful for today, this Sunday, are:

  1. A lie-in. No need to rush out of bed today, a lazy Sunday start for me. My bed is comfortable and comforting, supportive, relaxing, restorative and I have some cool crisp white linen from The White Company. I am grateful for my tall bed which I have to get up into.
  2. A morning latte in bed, delivered courtesy of my own Nespresso machine, the best present I have given to myself in three years. Indriya are my favourite capsules, since you ask. I am grateful for the luxurious coffee.
  3. Mitsy, my ever-present companion who is only truly happy when she is with me, sparko in the duvet. She knows she is with me, she can leech my calories and store her own, and she’s so happy she goes to sleep! I am grateful for my furry friend.
  4. Sunshine. Today, the sun is shining. I couldn’t find a photo which told the whole truth, that there are no leaves on my trees but as one of my correspondents has pointed out, it won’t be long now. I am grateful for my correspondents.
  5. Peace and quiet and time to journal in a gorgeous selection of notebooks with a beautiful pen. To a bird who fancies herself a writer this is heaven. I am grateful I have all the tools I need to support my writerly pretensions.
  6. So, in anticipation of BAFTA tonight I have caught up with a few films this weekend. Today my first was Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine as Cate Blanchett is tipped for glory. I am grateful that high art is sometimes hard going.
  7. And I followed that up with Before Midnight, the third in the trilogy starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. This film is set almost two decades after their first encounter in their twenties on a train. Now they are in the forties, parents, loving and fighting, and on a long summer holiday in a rather idyllic Greece. All is not well. I am grateful for the wonderful bit at the end where they both sat and watched the sun go down. I noticed both of them sigh, that sort of calming settling sigh which the elements put you in mind of. And I was grateful for that reminder.
  8. Satsumas, a lovely big orange bowl full of them and how they make me laugh every time now, recalling Len Goodman talking on Graham Norton’s show at Christmas about how he eats them six at a time. I am grateful for the laughter of recognition and how I now occasionally try to do what shall always now be called in my life “doing a Len Goodman”.
  9. BAFTA. So excited! Film, I love film. And I am nearly ready for the Oscars in as much as I have almost seen every nominated film. It is thrilling to see so many thrilling and talented film people walk the red carpet in my home town. I am grateful that this has been as marvellous a year for film as I can remember.

That was my Sunday. What are your Sunday gratitudes?

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