Sunshine Island Coaching Dream

Lobster Crayfish Lunch at Karibuni

Lobster Crayfish Lunch at Karibuni

When I am living my sunshine island coaching dream on my island in the Caribbean I shall be blogging and coaching, precisely as I do right now. But I have a plan to add something to my coaching which is a little different to what I currently do.

Holidays are a wonderful time to look at your life from a distance, with time and space and perspective. And to explore what changes you want to make when you go home.

I plan to offer a service to those holidaying on my island, that they may pop round for a powerful conversation which will be life-transforming. With some of them, that may be the only time we ever meet. Or perhaps they will visit me again next time they are on my island. Or perhaps we will keep our relationship going over Skype. Who knows? I am open to all possibilities.

One of the things which is slowing me down adopting this life immediately is because I have this some would say ridiculously efficient plan to tidy up my affairs in the UK before I set off. I want to feel free on my travels. I am just slightly over three years delayed in my departure thanks to this tidyness obsession. But there is a very real possibility of two scenarios.

  1. Either my dream of sunshine island coaching will never come true. Reasons will just turn up and turn up and turn up which cause me to think I am never ready to go.
  2. Or something mad and out-of-the-blue will happen which will cause me to up sticks and take off. I plan for the latter all the time. I have streamlined my possessions to the point where I am ever ready for departure. Ish. There’s more I could do to clear the decks for sure. But nothing I couldn’t tidy up in a nano-second if push came to shove. There is the question of Mitsy, but she is so delightful I am sure I will be able to find her a home.

Pretty much everything I have ever put my mind to in my life has eventually come true. This is one big final push to manifest this particular dream which is getting a bit elderly now, though still much desired. I identified my island of choice in December 2006 and I have re-visited to make sure I picked the right place twice more for a whole month each time in 2009 and 2010.

Have you even done one of those exercises where you write down what you want to make happen and then lose the list? Clients report to me all the time that this has worked for them and many more stories just like this are told in Henriette Anne Klauser’s Write It Down Make It Happen which I am revisiting right now, in February 2014. I wonder how long from today my dream will take to come true? Let’s see!

What’s your dream? Do share if you dare go public with it.


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