Sunshine: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Three

Sky at SunsetWe are in the middle of an extended hot spell in the UK which is making our summer of 2014. It is fabulous, plenty of sunshine (and thunderstorms too) and no sign of it ending for at least ten days yet. Yee ha!

It makes such a difference to our happiness quotient. The baristas in my local coffee shop tell me that we turn into a nation of completely different people, we become sunnier.  No shit, Sherlock.

On Monday I had friends over for lunch in the garden and although we were threatened at least three times by rain, we never had to make a mad dash to the Abundance Shed with all the plates, glasses, cutlery, food and wine and, honestly, even if we had chickened out and made that mad dash, we would have been out again PDQ. How lucky were we?

And that wasn’t my first al fresco lunch this summer, neither will it be my last. Already there is that sense that we are in for a great one. Clients are skiving off and having fun. It makes you want to do that and who am I to discourage them? Our businesses will benefit from us having creative and relaxing breaks.

Although I was born in the UK, I have spent large chunks of my childhood growing up in the sunshine in Malta, Cyprus and Singapore and I swear this is where my love of the sun comes from. OK, I know we all love the sun (mostly), but I really love it. Summer is my only season. I am not interested in the rest. I like it hot, not cold. I simulate tropical conditions at home whenever the Great British weather does not provide it. And I am at my happiest in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. I do love some turquoise sea with my heat.

I know I am not a proper Brit because I don’t get excited about the changing of the seasons. I know generally we all love that, but I am not interested in mists and mellow fruitfulness or anything that follows until I get a sniff of longer days beginning again in Spring because I know what’s coming next. Summer, that’s my time.

The sun in my current home is particularly nice because I have an awareness of it at difference times of the day. It’s on the bottom of my garden when I wake up, down the side of my house for most of the day and then the late afternoon and even brings it full on through my back windows before I am able to watch the sunset from the same prospect. This means that the light here is exception and part of what I love about this flat, alongside the garden where sun doesn’t do any harm either.

Are you a hot house flower? Or a proper Brit? If I could live in perpetual summer, I would.

When’s your season?


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