Surprising Your Clients: Podcast Ep 197

Today on Own It! the Podcast our listener guest is cartoonist Richard Pettitt who talks to us about surprising your clients. Richard is an artist and he tells us that Morning Pages reminded him how much he loves to make people laugh with his jokes, videos and webcomics Oojo and Bink, Drizzle Cake and Think v Say.

I’m a big fan of Richard and he made me a lovely cartoon of myself which I use on Facebook, see below.

We talk about keeping things light, and he reminds us of the value and fun of surprising your clients.

LISTEN HERE TO OWN IT! The Podcast #197 with Guest Richard Pettitt: Surprising Your Clients

In other news, our words of the week are Cloudy (hers) and Assertiveness (mine).

Nicola’s been out and about with brother Alex, and musing on how clever she is having completed one of her current projects in just three weeks.

I returned from Luton via Trowbridge and met a surprising couple for whom I’m housesitting in October, one half of which has had over half a million hits to his guitar playing on YouTube. Wow! We could have talked music all day.

Our respective fires have been fuelled by me planning my future during a couple of full moony sleepless nights but it was well worth it as my inner visions have gone from blurry to much clearer.

Nicola is discovering the joys of the Hemingway App and she and I debate where to put a full stop! The week before last it was the Land’s End comma, this week how to chop up Nicola’s sentences to make them more readable using just a full stop. How amazing it is that something as simple as an app can teach us both to be better writers.

Nicola tells me that our podcast has risen to #73 in the iTunes chart and is keeping company with some very big players, and we get our heads together about how best to celebrate our 200th show, coming up in just three weeks’ time.

Nicola loves Glenn Warner and the tales of his life on a narrowboat with wife Lisa. This week Glenn completes the new bathroom. A Life Full of Meaning – subscribe on YouTube.

I tell N about the two guys, Kevin and Mike, who created Instagram eight years ago, sold it to Facebook two years later and this week left to create something new. Of course they did. And I’ve also discovered Facebook Watch, streaming free TV straight from FB. I found it via a good review on the Guardian for a show called Sorry For Your Loss which you can stream directly from its own Facebook page at no cost. What do you think?

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Here’s the lovely 2018 birthday cartoon guest Richard did for me:

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