Synchroncity: It’s A Sign

My experience when coaching people is that magic happens once we nail our colours to the mast and say out loud to ourselves and to The Universe what we want.   Lots of lovely little synchronicities – and sometimes quite big ones too – start to come together and even the tiniest little thing can be A Sign.

I received one such sign myself yesterday.

We went to see The Help. Don’t miss it. I cried like a leaky bucket all the way through. Delicious. Actually I started crying in the trailer for Spielberg’s version of War Horse even before we got going and cleansing little tears just rolled gently down my face and onto my top; neither of us had any tissues, for heaven’s sake, it was a weepie after all. I got the sense that I was only a heartbeat away from Big Sobbing, the sort of tears which I cried in The Pianist. Embarrassing, loss-of-control, wracking sobs. This wasn’t I think because of War Horse or The Help, perhaps just the way I was yesterday. Gentle Reader, I held it together.

Anyway, to my point. The Official Sign I received. The very last lines of the film. Obviously, I thought they were meant personally just for me. Having decided to become A Writer on 4th October, and embarking tomorrow on a writing challenge to write my next (e)book within the month of November, approximately along the lines of NaNoWriMo, the whole film (of the book) is the story of a woman writing her first book. Of course it is, and before we went we had imagined it would be about something else altogether and it is that too.

I won’t spoil the story for you if I give you the last lines, honest. Because this much – about the central character becoming a writer – is well known and in the public domain and may even encourage you to go if you had been thinking of giving it a miss. I won’t even tell you who says them.

I thought I would remember the lines. I thought they were seared on my heart. Turns out, when I got home, I couldn’t remember them at all and had to do a lengthy Google trawl last night to find them again, and here they are:

“… always said we gonna have a writer in the family one day. I guess it’s gonna be me.”

Yes! Yes, I said out loud to no-one in particular, to myself and to the Big U. In my family, the writer is gonna be me.

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  1. Anne says:

    hi Judith
    Wonderful! and I look forward to hearing about your book!