My 2018 in Feels

This is the companion piece I promised when I wrote My 2018 in Numbers. I think it will be shorter* because I have already written up my biggest feel earlier in the year in a Facebook post called This Impressionable Townie which I shared in my newsletter too. My swirling emotions when I think back over my year are all about: Falling in love again with the English countryside in our best summer in recent memory Visiting what was my grandparents’ farm in Dorset, see photo Re-connecting with friends and family in Somerset and Dorset I moved from Kent to […]

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My 2018 in Numbers

My 2018 in numbers

You can take the girl out of accounting, but not vice versa. So here is my 2018 reflected in numbers. Look out for another post which I plan to call My 2018 in Feels. Numbers are only one way to measure a year and probably the last one I’d recommend for you, unless (like me) you just can’t help yourself! *** 1 Book published and 32 Amazon reviews achieved, one for Kindle UK, 25 for Amazon UK paperback and 6 for Amazon USA. 1 Creating the Impossible Michael Neill Challenge completed in the first 90 days of the year 171 […]

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Let’s Have a Chat during December?

December. Wow! You feel me? December may be the best of times or the worst of times for you to have a chat. Let’s see. So often we are frantically busy. As it happens, I am not. Singleton, no kids, the entire month off. And while I am looking forward to lots of R&R, I have plenty of time for you too if you can magic up the time for us to have a chat? Let’s do that. We can talk about anything you like – your biz or your life, whatever’s uppermost on your mind or in your heart. […]

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