Are You Addicted to Busyness? Podcast Ep 205

Show me your schedule and i'll show you your values - Robin Sharma

The focus for today’s show was first prompted by this lovely thought from Robin Sharma: “Show Me Your Schedule and I’ll Show You Your Values”. Eek! What does my schedule say about me? Nicola and I both looked at our diaries during the show and decided whether the reflection was flattering or not. Do they show the old version of how we liked to see ourselves, as efficient businesswomen, instead of our newly emerging focus on thinking (me) and creative writing (her). Our theme was further prompted by an article on which explains that being busy is killing our […]

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My Busy, Busy Life (Not)

When helping a poorly friend recently by delivering some groceries to her when she was too ill to get out of the house, I lost my favourite reading glasses. Sainsbury’s said that no-one had handed them in. It’s a mystery, frankly, as I normally wear them on the top of my head but I bumped into someone I hadn’t seen for eight years – a judge, no less – and it threw me. End result?  No glasses and no shopping list with the judge’s email address scribbled on the back of it. Which led to me being a bit sad […]

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One Busy Entrepreneurial Week: Inspiring, Uplifting, Empowering

A friend emailed me yesterday to say I’d been quiet in my various online groups, what was I up to? I wrote back a longish email explaining. I thought I’d share it as there’s some learning in here, mainly for me. I begin and end every day with journalling. I start in the morning by writing my daily 750 words on Then I follow this up with my Abundance journal which I have been writing for most, if not all, of 2012. I end the day with writing up my Pray Rain journal. At some point during the day […]

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