Surprising Your Clients: Podcast Ep 197

Richard Pettitt

Today on Own It! the Podcast our listener guest is cartoonist Richard Pettitt who talks to us about surprising your clients. Richard is an artist and he tells us that Morning Pages reminded him how much he loves to make people laugh with his jokes, videos and webcomics Oojo and Bink, Drizzle Cake and Think v Say. I’m a big fan of Richard and he made me a lovely cartoon of myself which I use on Facebook, see below. We talk about keeping things light, and he reminds us of the value and fun of surprising your clients. LISTEN HERE […]

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Sam Dounis: Writer and Cartoonist

Today’s blog guest is Sam Dounis. What can I say about fellow Creator Sam that she couldn’t express better in her own words? Here she is: Once upon a time, there was a cartoon sheep. He was a very silly sheep, who went on some adventures and got into a few scrapes. He really enjoyed his adventures and wished with all his might that he could go on a lot more. But he was only allowed an adventure a few times a year, and even then only a handful of people would know about it. This went on for many […]

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