Law of Attraction Part 2 – Podcast Ep 199

Law of Attraction

In today’s radio show, Nicola and I revisit the topic of the Law of Attraction. Last time we discussed this it was so rich that we decided to call episode 172 part 1 and revisit it one day. That day is today. In advance of the show, we’d had a preparatory exchange via PM on Facebook. Sometimes we do that about topics we plan to discuss. During that research I listened to part 1 again and told Nicola: “It is really interesting but hardly about LoA at all, more about how successful people think and what daily practices they follow […]

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Exploring the Law of Attraction: Podcast Ep 172

Nicola surprised me today by bringing the Law of Attraction to the show as something we could discuss in Focus of the Week. She readily acknowledges that I am the more woo-woo of the two of us but she also knows the two men behind the Love the Law of Attraction Facebook Page which has more than six and a half million fans and followers – wow! She mentions the book called Zero Limits by Joe Vitale which I had already written a blog post about years ago and scheduled to share again in 48 hours’ time, not least because […]

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