My 2018 in Numbers

My 2018 in numbers

You can take the girl out of accounting, but not vice versa. So here is my 2018 reflected in numbers. Look out for another post which I plan to call My 2018 in Feels. Numbers are only one way to measure a year and probably the last one I’d recommend for you, unless (like me) you just can’t help yourself! *** 1 Book published and 32 Amazon reviews achieved, one for Kindle UK, 25 for Amazon UK paperback and 6 for Amazon USA. 1 Creating the Impossible Michael Neill Challenge completed in the first 90 days of the year 171 […]

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The Numbers Are in Your Body

Most days I get the chance to work with clients and their numbers. Heaven, for a former accountant. How much shall I charge for my eBook, Judith? What do you think clients will pay me for my service? How much am I worth? I’m wise to them now. I ask them what they think they are worth, what the price should be, having already asked them enough information to have an answer in my own mind. I know what it’s worth, what they can charge. I want to know what they think. They say they don’t know. I push them. […]

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