Podcasting from Scratch: Rhys Morgan – Podcast Ep 206

Rhys Morgan

Rhys Morgan (no relation) is our guest today on Own It! the Podcast and he talks about podcasting from scratch with his own show which is called Social Good. Rhys is an interesting man; he’s a former vicar, a recovering alcoholic with five years sober and his day job is in a treatment centre. He waxes lyrical about a love of radio from a young boy and talks about how he noticed that both his father and his son shared a love of podcasts which tipped him to the fact that there was something to this, even across three generations. […]

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Creating an Offer

You’ll remember last week I told you that Susan had given me a couple of ideas for my newsletter and we started by talking about #1 which was Growing Your Platform. This week? #2 is Creating an Offer. When Susan and I first spoke way back last September we got on the same page about her new business and we brainstormed her ideal client and her new pricing and how many clients she would need/want at that price. Pretty standard stuff round these parts. But we overlooked something quite crucial. Susan is reassuringly expensive. And last week she wondered aloud […]

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