Taking A Welcome Break And Making A Profit

I drove up the M11 yesterday morning, to visit a client I’ve known and loved forever, but I’d never been to see her place of work before.  I don’t get out much these days in my peaceful gap year, and en route I passed the new Olympic Park and was totally, utterly amazed and delighted by it. It was an OMG moment as it loomed up at me, out of the fog.

As I was running a bit early, I stopped at a service station to check my emails and use their loo.  When I came out of the loo, there was a sign which said if you have enjoyed our toilets, why not pop a penny in the box for Pudsey, or words to that effect, some play on words about spending a penny.  Since I quite enjoy the whole Children in Need thing, I gave them all the small change I had in my purse.

Walking out of the service station, I found myself following a man who was walking briskly, much faster than I walk.  And he proceeded to drop a handful of small change all over the floor which he didn’t stop to pick up.   So I picked it up as taught by T. Harv Eker – there’s free money everywhere you look.  And I hustled a bit, half hoping I might catch up with him in the car park so I could give it back to him.

But he was in his car and nearly away, this fast-walking, energetic, fit man. And he was was very definitely in a hurry.  And then I saw him PULLING OUT OF THE DISABLED BAY. Karma, or what?

Anyhow, I ended up peeing at a profit, which I thought was very funny indeed.


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