How Much Talent? How Much Torture?

  • Your ArtAre you a tortured genius?
  • Do you struggle for your art?
  • What’s your talent and do you share it with us, your audience?

Many of my clients and colleagues who are artists, writers and creators put themselves through hell before they bring anything to market, if they bring anything at all to the attention of their waiting public. I have a sneaking regard for their angst, but unfortunately I am just not that much of a drama queen. It would be more dramatic and interesting if I were, and a better PR story for sure, and I suspect my “art” would be better too. But I can’t do it that way, I’m just too matter of fact.

Instead I make it my goal to help my clients be just a little less tortured so they can create and publish more. And sell more, ‘cos that’s my raison d’etre… to help them make money from their gifts and for that to be just a little less of a torture.

What helps? A deadline. A drop dead date by which you will publish, come hell or high water. And that might be for an exhibition where you could exhibit your work, an open house, a publisher breathing down your neck or some system of forfeits and penalties you set up yourself or with me as your accountability partner.

What else helps? You showing us your work and us loving it and clamouring for more. Ish. That brings a new pressure all its own: productivity.

But my experience is that your work is probably better than you think, there’s likely to be an easier way for you to create more of it and for you to enjoy the fruits of your labours and remove some of the self-imposed barriers you put in your own way to creating more.

What’s in it for you to self-sabotage? What’s the payoff? How can we switch that way of being to something which makes your creative output easy and fun and profitable for you? And in flow.

Talk to me. Book yourself into my online diary. Book one of my Entrepreneur of the Day slots (all creatives must be self-employed in the end), and let’s take it from there. I can help. I can liberate your genie from the bottle where you’ve caged her so you can live by your art. That’s what you are on this planet for. Don’t die with your music still in you.

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  1. Alice Sheridan says:

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    You’ve got this spot-on. Now I’ve just had a successful exhibition my inner critic has switched from “no one will like this” to “if so many people like this it must be mediocre, mass appeal work..”! Seems I can’t win, so I’m trying to over-ride it with what I really know: you can’t work to please other people anyway. You can only do what come naturally to you and the most important thing is to just keep going.