Tapping Your Worries Away

WorryMy clients are worriers. So am I. We worry about everything, nothing is too big or too small for us to worry about. What is fascinating is how expert we become when advising others about how to stop worrying, often on the very thing we worry about ourselves. A little bit of distance is informative.

What do you worry about? Lack of money? Not knowing enough? Not having enough time? Doing it all yourself? That the mountain seems too big to climb all by yourself? About your children, your partner, your parents, yourself? How to charge for your services? What other people will think about what you write in your blog or on Facebook? Your health?

There is no worry a client can bring to me which I have not felt myself. I tell a lie, there is one. I do not worry about success, I worry about failure. But I know people worry about both and I am used to that now. Everything else I either worry about or have worried about in the past until I discovered a quick way to stop doing that called EFT or Tapping.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, i.e. you can free yourself from any and every unhelpful feeling and emotion, such as worry, fear, anxiety and much, much more. Trust me. Just have an experimental go. It works.

I am somewhat surprised though, given how well-known that Tapping has become, how many clients I talk to who have never heard of it. I recommend it as a way of dealing with all unhelpful emotions. The other way is to feel the fear and do it anyway. I favour a combination of the two.

With EFT or Tapping what you do is tap on meridian points on your head, hands and upper body while saying things out loud to yourself to a script you make up using your own words. People worry about getting the script wrong, but honestly you can’t do that. You can even just tap on the places alone and feel some of your anxieties just start to melt away.

Here are some free EFT resources I recommend:

1. Go to You Tube and search for “EFT for X”, X being whatever your particular unhelpful fear, worry or anxiety is today. Watch the video. Tap along.

2. Practice mindfulness with something like the Headspace App and notice how that makes you feel calmer and more resourced to deal with whatever you think your problems are.

3. Check out this link for a list and map of the tapping spots and how to craft a personal tapping script.

4. Read this book: The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner

5. The Tapping World Summit begins today 24th February 2014 and runs until 6th March. Join in the fun and free resources.

6. Follow along with Brad Yates’ video below. I have found his videos on You Tube to be very good.

Remember, before you start, to measure on a scale of 1-10 how high your anxiety is about the fear or unhelpful emotion you are about to tap on. Then, after each round of tapping, measure again. If you start in the 7-10 range, aim to keep tapping until you have reduced your worries down to the 0-2 region. Good Luck and let me know how you get on?

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