Tea for Two on Valentine’s Day

2 chefs You can’t have missed the fact that Valentine’s day is just around the corner.
Now, I know it’s a bit corny and it certainly is over-commercialised but it’s still a special time for twos. Whether you’re just starting out (again) or a comfortable couple, there’s still an opportunity to make things special.
Are you going out for dinner? You’d better reserve a table today if you haven’t already!
You might prefer to cook a meal in – it will certainly save you money and can be much more fun.

The money you save on expensive restaurant bills you can spend on some flowers and at home, you can create that special atmosphere – no pressure, no stress, just a comfortable and romantic evening together.
To help you out there’s a fresh idea from the Two Cook For Two team at TwoCookForTwo.
This is a new book full of easy recipes designed to be cooked for two and eaten by two. I particularly liked the sound of the coriander and lime salmon – quick, easy and healthy recipe that’s got to be good for you. I can’t say the same for the chocolate mousse recipe! I’m looking forward to trying them both.
There’s a rumour that they’re bringing out some extra recipes for a Valentine’s day updates so keep watching!!
The most important thing about Valentine’s weekend is to chill and take it in your stride. Too many couples suffer when there’s such pressure to be that perfect romantic. Remember – if they want to be with you the other 51 weekends of the year, they’ll still enjoy your company on Valentine’s day. Just add in a bunch of flowers and maybe a candle or two over dinner to make it special.
And as for dinner – anything that gets couples in the kitchen cooking together without fighting over the chopping boards has got to be worth a try.

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