Techie Tuesday

Eye on Flat Panel MonitorIt’s been another full-on day for me today, and one which has had a very techie bent. I started with an 09.30 consultation with Marion who helps me with all my websites. Then she and I both consulted with Matt who is going to help me take my green juicing venture fully online. This required me to email Sandra to find out if I have something already or if I need to buy it. Sadly, I don’t!

Then my two Entrepreneurs of the Day both wanted to talk about their websites and their online marketing. The first lady had been self-employed for a year and was earning woefully less than she deserves. Before I rocked up in her world she had a plan to change that and together we enhanced it; er, actually we quadrupled it, but she was up for it. We ended by brainstorming a new URL for her which enables her to not only create a business to love, that is one she can sell, but also hide her introvert Lord personality behind a Fame Name. A great business starts with a fabulous domain name, the creativity flows from there.

My next E of the D also had website issues and we discussed changing her website for a third time, but she couldn’t face that and within the hour she talked me round. So given that we couldn’t make it perfect, how could we make it good enough? We agreed on a couple of changes but more importantly on her getting some real traffic to the site so we could measure the results of the renewed marketing plan I got her to commit to. We shall speak again in a month. She’s going for one of my Abundance Calls where you pay according to your means and later you top it up when you have enjoyed the benefit of what we co-create together.

I love doing these Entrepreneur of the Day calls. If I could, I would give away all my time in service to the entrepreneurial sector and tonight I have pledged on Facebook that I shall do my darndest to find a way to do that, for free and for donations. It may require The Universe to step up and support me but I’m game for that experiment. Big U?

If you are ready to step up and commit to a year’s business coaching, I have a stonking summer offer on right now for the first Lucky 13 clients to come forward. Judith’s Lucky 13. Will you be one of those I wonder?

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